5 Things Your Office Needs to Boost Productivity


Productivity: it’s the Holy Grail of the modern office. And as a small business owner or manager of a team at an up and coming startup, you know how vital it is to have a workforce that falls in line and does what they’re supposed to do in a timely manner.

The question is, how do you engineer a space that coerces people into pouring more and more of their time into doing the work you’ve assigned them?

Don’t worry – we’ll make it simple. In this post, we’ll cover the 5 things that your office needs in order to boost productivity from your team.

5 Things Your Office Needs To Boost Productivity

5 Things Your Office Needs to Boost Productivity

Number 1: All-Inclusive Workstations

If your team operates primarily on computers, or uses a variety of tech tools like tablets, computers, and printers, it’s optimal to include all necessary tech within each worker’s workstation, so you never have to worry about people getting up and walking around, creating a log jam in the office.

We recommend compact, all in one computers that can provide everything your employees need in a small and convenient package.

No more fussing about with tangles of cables and wires running from monitors to computer towers – your team will have exactly what they need at their fingertips.

Number 2: Creative Spaces

Most office jobs these days require some serious creativity. Whether you’re creating viral content, innovating the next web design trends, developing killer code, or maxing out the ROI on marketing strategies, there’s going to be a lot of open thinking going on.

Be sure to provide your employees with ample creative space where they can think about their work in a free and open-minded way. If they’re confined to a cubicle all day, chances are you’re missing out on some superior brain blasts.

Try converting and old conference room into a free-thinking creator den for best results. Include options like this for a good environment:

  • Bean bag chairs for casual chilling
  • On-trend indoor plants for the atmosphere
  • Cool décor that will allow employees’ minds to explore

You’ll start seeing serious return on investment in no time.

Number 3: Perks on Perks

5 Things Your Office Needs to Boost Productivity1

Some employers think that being stingy with the goods will save them an extra dollar. In the short term, it might, but in the long term they’ll miss out on employee dedication.

In order to pump some more juice into your employees’ willingness to produce, why not reward them with awesome perks, like happy hour and snacks?

They’re pretty cheap in the long run, but they will boost morale and also give your employees something to brag about at the bar with their friends!

That’s going to boost motivation in and outside the office, and may be worth some serious thought.

Number 4: Time Off

Employees need time off in order to recuperate from stressful weeks of grinding for your company. Why not reward them with the occasional day or two off, so they can return to work rested, relaxed, re-energized and ready to work hard?

Time off is important in addition to sick days, too, as being home with a cold or food poisoning is not the same thing as getting to spend a day doing your own thing, enjoying life – so keep that in mind when designing your benefits!

Number 5: Catering

Providing killer catering for your employees is another way to get them engaged and focused on their work.

As they say, an empty belly is an unfocused mind, so you’d better make sure you provide your employees with tasty lunch options at least once a week. And, for special occasions, maybe pull out all the stops and get your employees a fancy dinner!

Just be sure that you keep in mind certain dietary restrictions when ordering catering. Many people won’t eat animal products (like vegans and vegetarians), and many others have allergies to common ingredients, including nuts, gluten, and soy.

Be mindful of your employees’ food preferences and allergies when you put together your scrumptious office catering package!

Wrapping up

Having a great office space that tends to all your employees’ creativity and productivity needs is essential to succeeding as a small business owner. With these tips and tricks, you’re well on your way.

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Author: Abdul Mateen