6 Reasons Why Businessmen Must-Have Tablets


A businessman is all about cutting down expenses and removing unwanted stuff to achieve more productivity. He/she is always looking for more output with lesser inputs. The business world is in a transition stage right now where they would happily give up their desk to become mobile.

A decade back, electronic companies were in a dilemma whether the business world would like tablets or will continue with their legacy, the laptops, and computers. They responded and today tablets had their transition from a fun plaything to a business tool.

They are the fastest trending in workplaces all around the globe. Their compact and lightweight nature has changed the way people work, enhancing productivity and mainly mobility.

As a matter of fact, many businesses are now tending towards paperless offices thereby eliminating the use of papers which seems to be a good gesture towards sustaining the environment.

Powerful processors, amazing app stores and keyboard support have increased their functionality in the business arena. These points are good enough to explain as to why tablets are being implemented so fast by businessmen:

6 Reasons Why Businessmen Must-Have Tablets

6 Reasons Why Businessmen Must-Have Tablets

1# Cost of Tablet

The cost of PC, laptop or workstation is enormous when compared to a tablet. They don’t have any moving parts like hard disk thereby reducing the chances of data loss.

2# Easy To Carry

Meetings are the scenario where important discussions and decisions take place. The tablets equip businessmen to take notes on apps provided in them rather than using a primitive way of pen and paper. These notes can be easily organized and saved.

Apps like Google Keep allow automatic transcription of audio to text for optimal convenience and reminders can be added to important notes too so that his employees can be reminded of tasks via Google Now.

3# Remote Working

In this modern era, telecommuting has become a common phenomenon. Much of the work can be done by employees when they are offsite. The businessman accommodates this trend by providing tablets to his employees wherein they can get real-time data.

This can be of much help to the Sales representative who can check the stock quantity to deal accordingly with customers even when offsite or they can also send free invoice & estimate using mobile app.

4# Useful Apps in Tablets

A wide variety of apps are available for different aspects of the business. Whether it’s capturing digital signatures or swiping debit or credit cards, or accessing electronic calendars for appointments, there are apps which can make these arduous tasks more efficient.

5# Work While Travelling

Business people may need to travel extensively as a criterion of their job to meet clients, perform projects or travel between offices.

Tablets equip people to get jobs done while they are traveling. So that they won’t fall behind in their work once they are on a trip.

6# Tablets Serve All Purposes

Tablets serve all the purposes of a smartphone today. There are tablets with single and dual SIM cards for business purposes.

A tablet can pair a headset, keyboard which makes it a multispecialty device for businessmen and a must-have for them.

3 Types of Tablets

Android Tablets

1# Android Tablets

Galaxy tab S4 is by far the best tablet on the Android platform. This tablet with SIM card comes with great specifications fulfilling the requirement of businessmen.

It can be connected to the workstation for dual-mode. This means that the person can run a presentation on one screen while his team can keep taking notes on another screen.

It is easy to be taken on tours as its lightweight. The S pen equipped with it enables us to take notes, take signatures and sign e documents as well. The battery lasts up to 16hrs. So; it serves both as a smartphone and a desktop.

2# Apple Tablets

iPad pro is the best Apple has to offer in its forum. It has an ecosystem of its app. The iPad comes with a SIM card slot however it doesn’t support all carriers.

It offers a bigger screen at such a compact design at a size of 12.9 and 11 inches. The battery lasts for more than 10 hours and it’s lightweight.

3# Chrome OS Business Tablet

The pixel slate features a great design, portability, and high-end specs with a battery ending up to 12 hrs.

It can be paired up with a pixel book pen and keyboard which increases its functionality. Further, it also supports SIM cards. It is lightweight.

10 Best Apps Specially Made for Businessmen

best tablet apps

1# Basecamp

It’s a project management app that allows businessmen to distribute tasks to their employees and communicate with them on results and to convey other information too.

2# Cloud Print

Like a computer, a tablet doesn’t have jacks to connect to printers. So cloud print apps can discover printers nearby and print outs are easy with tablets too.

3# Invoice to Go

This app works for invoicing bills, sending payment receipts, saving receipts, signing the document and thus avoids any paperwork while on travel.

4# Todoist

This is the best work management app that lets the team chat with each other. Daily tasks can be updated for everyone’s preference. Various tags and categories allow departmentalization for different work.

5# Square Register

This is a sales tracking app which allows businessmen to track and view inventory figures, check sales for the day, etc.

6# Tax Code and Regs

Taxes are important for all businessmen especially for small and middle-class businesses who are just starting.

It helps to answer all complicated tax-related questions. It comes updated with all the latest editions of tax code.

7# Dropbox

There are plenty of cloud storage apps but only a few of them hold widespread support. Almost every third party app with cloud storage works well with dropbox. It’s free even without any restriction on the number of users.

8# Kingsoft Office

It is an office suite for tablets. It supports 23 different formats and can work with nearly all formats. Equipped with cloud storage, it makes uploading edited data much easier.

9# Touchdown

Outlook is the emailing app every businessman requires. For the Android platform, Touchdown does the work. It can connect to the exchange server and thus offer a single interface to access email, calendar, and contacts.

10# Locale

This app has artificial intelligence programming. It enables immediate location awareness. It can automatically silence your ringer when arriving at work, switch on/off Wi-Fi, change the wallpaper and everything happens without interaction based on location-enabled preferences.

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Author: Bjorn Thorson