How To Increase Customer Retention & Increase Profit


It takes a lot of time to gain loyalty of your customer, but to lose it, less time is necessary. Success of a business depends on the ability of a company that how long it can retain their customer.

It means that a company’s product, service, or brand is pleasing enough to retain customer and customer remains loyal to them instead of attracting towards competitor.

It is gateway through which company can retain their customers over long time period. There are many actions a company can use to customer retention. It is important because it shows about value that you are you are providing to your customer.

If your retention is good then it will save your business health and provide you safety. If your retention is not good then it will worth-less for your business.

8 Ways To Increase Customer Retention & Increase Profit

How To Increase Customer Retention & Increase Profit

1. Need To Build Interest With Your Customer

Two things that are important to build trust. First, you need to provide best quality products  as possible as to you. Second, trust will not build within limited time period. It takes time.

When deciding to make high percentage of sale, trust will be important factor. Building trust is not overnight game, id demands time. Reliability and truth is necessary part of trust. Their function is like skeleton which provides support.

Consistently following  promises of brands with customers will impact whether or not your customers perceive your brand as trustworthy.

2. Customer Feedback

If you don’t know about demands of your customer, then you can’t improve. For retaining  customer it is need to conduct surveys, this process will help you to obtain feedback of customer. It provides a platform for collecting responses of customer related to particular product, or service.

There are multiple ways for collection of feedback. This feedback will provide ample information

3. Target Your Customer By Providing Them Special Offers

When you know more about your customer, it will better for you, and you can tailor your approach towards each individual.

It is challenge for a company to retain any customer.  Behavior can vary from individual to individual when it comes to customer loyalty.

You can use different types of software that can help you to check customer’s purchase and engagement level. It will tell you about purchasing history of your customer. Offers applaud  my customer which increase relevance level and customer can give priority to your brand while purchasing.

4. Trigger Your Customer By Using Email

You can strengthen your relationship with your customer by sending Email to them. Choose right time to send Email, which can help you and your customer to get attach with each other.

When you are going to start new products and change design of your product then you have to send Email, so that your customer can get to know about your product. It will increase activation level.

You can also made good offers for your customer in Email. By using automatic Email generation technique, you can send automatic Email to your customer at special occasions.

If customer makes online purchase then you can send Email to them to inform about status of product.

5. Make Good Relationships With Brand Ambassadors

Best marketing strategies can provide boom to your business. So, it is important for you that you have to make good relations with your ambassadors. Ambassadors will show true face of your business in outside world.

Need to educate them so they can provide accurate and complete information to your customer. It can help to  retain your customer at longer time period.

6. Need To Study Psychology of Your Customer

Every individual has different behavior. Personal liking and disliking of individual can affect retention of your customer. Some customers feel annoy by receiving Emails at daily basis.

There is important to read psychology of your customers. Some people are introvert and some are extrovert. Introvert people do not like daily engaging so you have to specially deal with them. Extrovert people are easy to deal with them. They like daily engaging.

7. Send Special Offers After First Purchasing

When your customer make first purchase, then generate special discount code so that they can made next purchase by using discount rate. It will increase your affection with customer, strengthen your relationship.

Sending discount after first purchasing is best way to nudge them to make next purchase. Discounting can be effective way to retain your customer at longer time period.

8. Use Social Media Approach

Social media approach is very crucial and it can engage your customer in a better way, and keep your customer retain for longer period. By using images and short videos engage your customer in a better way. It will be more appealing to them.

Entertainment content appeals your customer in a good way. It reminds them on daily basis about your products and provide extensive information related to your product.

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Author: I’m Amna Hafeez working in Mediahicon as content writer since last year.