Rockland Trust Routing Number


Are you looking for Rockland Trust routing number? Look no further.

Rockland Trust is a leading commercial bank based in Rockland, Massachusetts. The bank services in Coastal and Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Code and also in Boston’s Metro West. The bank was established in 1907 as Rockland Trust Company.

Currently, it is a full service community bank headquartered in Massachusetts. Just like other banks, they also provide range of services which include but not limited to personal, small business, commercial, wealth and investment banking services.

If you’ve an account in Rockland Trust or you want to remit funds to Rockland Trust, you may need a routing number to rout the funds.

What is Routing Number?

Routing number a.k.a. is a 9 digit routing transfer or ABA number. With this number, financial institution can be recognized along with we can get to know where to route the funds.

Here is the breakdown of Routing Number:

First 2 digits responsible for the identification of bank or credit union and clearing financial transaction.

Next 2 digits depicts the bank’s processing center and its location

Next 4 digits responsible for the identification of your bank.

Last 1 digit represents the check digit. This digit verifies that your routing number is valid or not.

Rockland Trust Routing Number

Rockland Trust Routing Number

The routing number or transit number of Rockland Trust is 011304478. This is a nine digit routing number which you can use while initiating financial transaction with bank.

Further, you can also check your Rockland Trust routing number on your check. Refer to your check lower left or lower middle. There will a 9 digit routing number / ABA number mentioned on it. Furthermore, you can also log on to Rockland Trust official website and they may have mentioned on their website’s FAQs section.

Moreover, you can also get your routing number by calling at their customer support center at 508 732 7072. The telebanking officer will help you find the routing number so you can easily conduct the transaction.

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