6 Short Term Loans You Can Avail Right Now


Loans offer people with an opportunity to meet their immediate monetary requirements. Short-terms are a great way of availing quick money if and when you need it.

Both businesses and individuals can avail short term loans in order to carry out their day-to-day jobs in a largely hassle-free way. 

Bank loans are preferred by a lot of people because they are easy to avail and repay. You can avail a bank loan by filling in a few documents and submitting a collateral.

It is a slightly lengthy process but is preferred by people because it is comprehensive and leaves no loose ends. If you wish to avail a short-term loan, then you can also go for a reliable private lenders, such as Mulah

Here are a few loans you can avail.

6 Short Term Loans You Can Avail

short term loans you can avail

1# Personal loans

Personal loans are a great way of meeting your everyday money requirements. You can go for personal loans from banks if you are in need of quick money.

The interest rates charged by banks are less and you get sufficient time to repay the loan. Almost all of the banks provide you with a facility to select the tenure for repaying the loan.

These are preferred by individuals and small businesses as these can be availed with a lot of ease.

2# Payday loans

Payday loans have become quite popular in various parts of the world. These loans can be availed by people by getting in touch with private money lenders and/or organisations.

The paperwork is less and the amount is readily available to you. The downside is: you will need to pay a higher rate of interest if you are availing one such loan.

3# Bridge loans

Bridge loans (also known as swing loans) are loans that are short-term in nature. These can be availed in order to meet your immediate monetary requirements.

One can apply for a bridge loan if you do not have enough money to meet some of your immediate requirements.

For instance, if you are waiting for your house loan to get approved and sanctioned and need money to pay the down payment of your house, then you can go for a bridge loan. These loans are convenient, but the interest rates and processing fee happen to be higher than other conventional loans.

4# Loan Against Credit Card Can Also Be Availed

In case you didn’t know. You can avail a loan against your credit card as well. In case you are already using a bank’s credit card, then you can avail a short-term loan against it within no time. Your credit card history and credit limit will be taken into consideration.

You can avail loans of small amounts using your credit. This isn’t a bad way of raising money, is it? But make sure you do not borrow more than what you can repay.

Just because you are getting a loan easily doesn’t mean you’ll avail a loan amount that is way bigger than what you can repay.

Going down under the burden of the loan is not a good idea at all. This can cause long-term complications by affecting your credit score. 

5# Demand Loans Are A Reasonably Decent Option As Well

Demand loans are quite popular in countries such as India. Loans such as these come in handy during emergencies.

You can avail such loans from non-banking establishments as well. You can submit your small saving instruments, such as insurance policies to avail such loans. Banks will offer loans on 70-90% of your savings value. 

6# Mortgages Can Also Be Availed

You can go for mortgages if you are in need of ready cash to get done with your immediate cash needs. You can submit one of your assets if you want to avail a mortgage facility.

Just make sure you have enough funds to repay the amount you have borrowed as part of the mortgage. The loan you avail can be of any given amount.

You can talk with the lender to define the duration of repayment. In this case, you will need a certain income to repay the amount of the mortgage.

A handy tip: Loans can also be availed against the PPF account (This is a great option).

Here are a few handy ways of raising quick money. You can use any of these means if you happen to be in need of funds immediately.

Furthermore, it is always a good idea to go for bank loans as these are easier to repay. Make sure you keep all of the things that have just been said while availing a loan.

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Author: Suzanne Elly