10 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Chicago with Low Investment


Do you want to start a profitable business and looking for best small business ideas in Chicago, Illinois? Here is the list of small businesses in Chicago you can start with low investment.

Chicago is a very popular and booming city of the United States. The business environment of the city is also very favorable, especially for the newbies. According to the most recent census of the US, currently the population of Chicago is around 2,704,958. With the increase in population, the business opportunities in Chicago are also escalating.

Some of the unique and top small businesses in Chicago that you can start in the present year are as follows:

10 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Chicago

Profitable Small business Ideas in Chicago

1. Business of Food Truck

The food truck business is gaining a lot of fame these days. It is an affordable way to start your own food business without worrying about the brick-and-mortar that is required in case of a proper restaurant.

You can offer the special cuisines of Chicago, like the deep dish pizza, Italian beef, Gyros, etc.; this will make your business lucrative to a greater extent. Explore more creative food business ideas.

2. Guiding Agency for Tourists

Chicago is very popular among the tourists coming to the US from different parts of the world. The tourists do not want to go to different hotels, check their rates, and get them reserved and so on.

Rather they want to relax and want everything to be planned for them. Therefore, they prefer to get the help of tourist guides in Chicago.

Every year, a great number of tourists visit the city and majority of them prefer to get the help from the tourist guide agencies. So it is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Chicago.

3. Paying Guests’ Business

If there is a spare room in your house, you can always get benefit from it. You can simply give the services to a paying guest by allowing him to live in the spare room.

You can advertise about the room in different ways like social media, pasting flyers in various parks and other places, etc.

Further, you can also add different packages like giving the guest breakfast on daily basis, offering him supper, etc. In this way, you can have more profit.

4. Yacht Renting Business Ideas in Chicago

Chicago has a number of navigable waterways. They include the Chicago River, the Michigan River, etc. anybody having a collection of yacht can start the business Yacht Renting. In this way, you can earn some extra money along with your daily earnings.

5. Elder Care Business

Approximately ten percent of the total population of Chicago is in the age group 65 and above. This population always needs attention, care and health services.

That is the reason it is one of the amazing small business opportunities in Chicago that can benefit you to a great extent. You just need to start such a business in which you can make the senior citizens of the city to feel like home.

6. Business of Crafts

It is a fact that one can always earn from any skill or talent that he/she has. If you are creative enough and interested in producing handy crafts and things like that, you can earn great revenue. You can display your crafts in various exhibitions taking place in the city.

It also attracts the tourists and they always buy such types of things. Later on, you can also get help from online marketing.

7. Render Taxi Service

The total surface area of Chicago is around 237 square miles. Lots of people need to travel from one corner of the city to the other. For that, they mostly prefer to use cabs and taxi services.

So, if you are good at driving, you can start this work any time in Chicago. Making use of mobile apps is also very common now. So, you can also take a start being an Uber driver.

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8. Providing Baby-Sitting Services

If you are a student, a house wife or whatever, and you have some spare time at home, you can start this business of providing baby-sitting services to the couples who do not have enough time to take care of their babies especially in the office timings. It is a great opportunity to avail.

Later on, if you excel in it, you can make you own day care center as well.

9. Business of Customized Products

There is a great trend of customized t-shirts, notebooks, shoes and lots of other things. It is one of the great small business ideas in Chicago that you can consider to start up.

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10. Software Training Business

If you have various skills like programming, graphic designing, etc. then you can start this type of software training business in Chicago.

Hope, this list of profitable business ideas in Chicago will help you to start your own business. Having any question about starting a business in Chicago? Feel free to comment.

Good Luck!

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