3 Tips For A Successful International Digital Marketing Campaign


The world has made leaps when it comes to improving internet connectivity. This has increased the reach of companies that would have otherwise not been able to gain access to an international audience. With an increased reach comes increased opportunities for growth, profitability, and increased impact.

However, in order to be able to enjoy the benefits that come with having access to an international audience, a business needs to develop a winning strategy.

This is because one-size-fits-all strategies rarely work when it comes to the international market. In fact, adopting such a strategy is an easy way to lose money.

The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you to come up with a successful international digital marketing campaign.

3 Ways To Run A Successful International Digital Marketing Campaign

Tips For A Successful International Digital Marketing Campaign

1# Choose The Marketing Channels Carefully

As a digital marketer, you have a wide range of digital channel options to choose from. You can choose to focus on content marketing, social media marketing, display network advertising, or email marketing. All of these channels have their advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to international digital marketing, it is important to realize that these channels have varying degrees of success. This may be due to differences in culture, how well-versed that the natives of a particular region are, and in some cases, the degree of internet connectivity.

For example, while using videos to deliver content might be effective in increasing your exposure in areas that have high internet connectivity speeds, adopting the same strategy in a region with extremely slow speeds might not yield the same results.

Before running a marketing campaign, it is imperative that you do your research. Analyze the available channels, and then measure their effectiveness for a given region.

Take into account how many people use the different channels, and whether your target market can be reached through the different channels that are available to you.

And if you don’t have the time, data, or resources to decide which channels to use, you can hire successful digital marketers like MediaGroup to help you narrow down on suitable channels for your business. Doing so will save you from wasting time and resources on ineffective marketing channels.

2# Localize Your Content & Campaigns

In order to compete effectively on the international stage, you need to be able to communicate with your potential customers in a language and mode that they understand.

To this end, you should consider offering content in a language that they understand. This may mean having to use local translators who can effectively package your message in a form that is easily digestible by your potential clients.

It is also important to note that using automatic translation software like Google Translate is not enough. This is because such software isn’t always perfect and can lead to miscommunication. In some cases, automating translations can embarrass your company.

The goal should be to localize your content and not to simply translate it. In some cases, you don’t even have to translate the content of your campaigns, especially if you are targeting English-speaking regions. Simply repackaging the message in a way that connects to the values of the target audience can be more powerful in such a case.

3# Don’t Skip Competitor Analysis

Research takes time. In some cases, even the best research efforts can lead to misleading conclusions. An easy way to save resources, and to increase the odds of your campaigns succeeding is to look at what your existing competitors are doing.

Analyze the channels and the strategies that they are using as a starting point, and then customize these approaches to both your target audience and your company.

However, this does not mean that you should blindly copy what your competitors are doing. Instead, it means that you should use your competitors as a baseline. Since they have already undertaken the journey that you are about to start, it is easy to see what is working for them.

A competitive analysis will give you a clear picture of what to adopt and what to discard as far as strategies go. Therefore, it will increase your odds of success.

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Author: Jessica Davidson