5 Ways To Increase Workplace Engagement in a Diverse Team


“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” (Simon Sinek)

In the contemporary workplace, diversity is the new buzzword that has become a necessity from being a trend in a really short time. A diverse team not only assists in bringing different values and innovation to the workplace but enhances the overall revenue and growth as well. In fact, as per Forbes, diverse companies produce 19% more revenue.

Probing further, along with benefits, there are also many issues that occur while managing a diverse workforce. You as a business owner might also agree with the fact that keeping a diverse team engaged is one of the major challenges that might cause hindrance to the growth of your company.

Moreover, we all are very well aware of the fact that engagement of your employees is one of the crucial determinants that decides the success of the company. The more your employees are engaged the harder they will work harder for the growth of your business.

Hence, in order to effectively manage and keep your diverse team engaged, you constantly need to work on some outside-the-box strategies. A fresh approach can assist you in enhancing the engagement of your team members.

Having said that, this blog will effectively highlight some of the actionable strategies that can assist in enhancing the overall engagement of your diverse team. So let us dive right into the blog without further delay.

5 Effective Ways To Uplift Engagement in A Diverse Team

Ways to Increase Workplace Engagement in a Diverse Team

1. Embrace The Differences

Every individual in the workplace comes from a certain background and has different opinions, perceptions, and mindsets about work and life. When multiple mindsets come under one roof, there might be some variations in perspectives and discord.

In such situations, it is really essential for you to value those differences in opinions in order to celebrate diversity. Having said that, you need to include your team in the decision-making process and this inclusivity will make them feel valued and heard.

Furthermore, it will encourage them to come up with new ideas and opinions. This innovation can contribute to enhancing the growth and development of your business.

On the other hand, every employee has their own cultural practices and festivals which they like to celebrate. In such cases, you can also celebrate their festivals and special occasions in order to make them feel special and valued.

This will reflect that the company values its diverse team’s cultural background. It will enhance their emotional attachment to the company.

Moreover, you can organize various D&I activities which can assist in embracing the diversity and inclusion of a workplace. Common D&I activities include hosting diversity-focused lunches or organizing happy hours.

This will allow your employees to share their personal experiences and stories which will allow them to be comfortable and open about their backgrounds.

That being the case, when employees feel that their opinions are heard and their cultures are respected, it will encourage them to participate more actively which will contribute to the enhancement of their engagement in the workplace.

2. Boost the Culture of Feedback

In the contemporary business world, the priorities of employees have changed. You and many business leaders might think that monetary benefits and recognition are enough for engaging them.

Whereas, as per statistics, 98% of employees might fail to engage when their employers don’t give them feedback even with a good pay raise. This highlights that a culture of feedback is really crucial in order to engage employees in a workplace.

Moreover, talking about diverse teams, every employee comes from a certain background and has their own way of working. In order to get them on the same page as your working culture, it is essential to effectively communicate and provide feedback on their work performance regularly.

On the other hand, it is also essential for you to also collect feedback from your employees. It will assist in identifying the key factors that can affect the engagement of the employees positively or negatively.

After identifying, you can effectively eliminate the demotivating factors that can assist in boosting the engagement of your team.

3. Foster Empathy

Understanding employees’ feelings is one of the most essential factors that determine the smooth operation of the workplace. Along with this, empathy is also a major influential factor in the retention of employees. In fact, as per statistics,  92% of employees believe that empathy is crucial to retention.

Empathy in a diverse workforce will make sure that you understand and respect everyone’s opinion and feelings irrespective of their background. Moreover, it is your responsibility as the business owner to lead as an example as someone who respects their team’s feelings.

If you will lead with an example, it will also encourage your employees to respect each other’s sentiments which will contribute to healthy relationship building among teams. This will lead to enhancing emotional security which will allow them to be more focused during work.

Furthermore, it will assist in creating a positive work environment. When a company will foster a positive environment and will empathize with each other effectively, it will enhance employee morale and engagement in the workplace.

4. Promote Collaboration With Technology

Technology has really been an impressive asset for many companies. It has assisted in making many business operations smoother and easier. Moreover, even employees today want to work with a company that works with the latest technologies.

Moreover, if we talk about the contemporary world, where hybrid and remote cultures have become the new normals, it is really essential for your business to adapt new and attest technologies to keep teams effectively connected with each other. In fact, as per statistics, almost 80% of companies use collaboration tools for increasing the efficiency of multiple business processes.

Moreover, if you have diverse teams, you might have many people working completely or partially remote. In such situations, it is really essential for your teams to stay effectively connected with their colleagues in order to build trust among employees.

Moreover, trust built among employees will lead to better collaboration and teamwork. Efficacious collaboration within the teams will encourage employees to participate actively which will assist in enhancing their engagement in a work environment.

5. Improve Onboarding Process

It is no hidden fact that an effective onboarding process is a key determinant of employee retention. In fact, as per statistics, 93% of new hires agree that onboarding can help them decide whether they want to continue or not. This highlights that it is really essential for you to enhance your onboarding process.

In terms of a diverse team, when you hire people from different parts of the society, it is really crucial to make them feel welcome in your workplace. This will not only enhance their enthusiasm to work for the betterment of your company but will also contribute to their engagement enhancement.

To continue, you can automate your onboarding process making it easier for employees to connect with their colleagues. On the same hand, you can organize short get-togethers for your new hires to give them an opportunity to socialize with your other team members.

Another effective way to foster a smooth onboarding process is to provide a personalized onboarding experience to the employees. This can assist in enhancing their sense of belongingness and satisfaction in the workplace.

All this together will contribute to making new hires familiar with your working culture and your team members. This will assist in comforting them which will further enhance their engagement in the workplace. Having said that, it is time for some effective change management in your organization.

Wrapping Up

To encapsulate, it is an undeniable fact that diverse teams are the need of the contemporary world. Hence, it is really essential for you to keep your diverse team members engaged and motivated to work for the growth of the company.

Moreover, the above-given ways will give you a clear picture of how different factors of your company will affect the engagement of your diverse teams.

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Author: Kiara Miller