20+ Best Small Business Ideas in Italy 2023


Do you want to start your small business and looking for small business ideas in Italy which you can pursue in 2023?


In this article, we will share some great business ideas and opportunities which you can try in this year. Before we discuss startup ideas, here is a brief introduction of Italy.

Overview of Italy

Italy is one of the founding members of European Union and also included in Schengen States. Officially, it is known as Italian Republic and its capital is Rome. When it comes to business and economic point of view, Italy is highly developed.

According to Focus Economies, it is the 8th largest economy in the world in 2019 and 4rth largest economy after Germany, United Kingdom and France in Europe.

Agriculture, manufacturing, automobile, service industry, fashion and tourism sector contribute major portion in the GDP of Italy.

The country is also included in the list of the biggest manufacturers of cars and wines, has an extremely large manufacturing base and has the third biggest gold reserve. These factors along with the sunshine make Italy the country with the eight best living standards in the world.

In short, Italy’s economy is pretty diversified. Forbes states that the country comes in the list of top 29 best countries for business. 

Similarly, United Nations recently published a report a.k.a “Ease of Doing Business in Italy“. In this report, Italy is ranked at number 51 with 72.56 score out of 100.00. It means that starting a business in Italy is not much difficult as compare to previous years.

So, there is a lot of potential in starting a reasonable business in the country. Some of the best small business ideas in Italy are as follows, that you can pursue for earning a decent amount of profit every year.

20 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Italy 2023

Best Small Business Ideas in Italy

1. Meditation Classes’ Business

Holistic field is met with unprecedented success in the west. More and more people are signing up for yoga and Reiki classes in order to avoid stress of daily work and everyday life.

Therefore, it is a good and wise business idea to open a yoga class academy in Italy. Lots of people would surely join your meditation classes and you will be able to have reasonable earnings every month.

2. Manufacturing of Wine Business

It is one of the great business ideas in Europe. Italy is one of the top places when it comes to wine production. The reality is that, the wine produced in Italy enjoys more demand globally than produced in any other country.

It is guaranteed that your wine will be exported globally if you have the financial capacity to manufacture it, especially if it is of good quality.

3. Render Virtual Assistant Services

Companies in Italy are now considerably using social media to a greater extent to complete their deals. It has become a trustworthy platform for the beginning of a business.

However, most of the companies neither have the time nor the wisdom to manage them. So you can provide your services for managing their social media accounts and you can make your own physical firm in Italy.

4. Business of Repairing of Gadgets

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It can be the best business for the beginners in Italy and other European countries because gadgets like smartphone and tablets are used by everyone now-a-days. People rely on them.

People use these things to surf on the internet, communicate, and for many other purposes. So they need people who could repair them and solve their issues. This is an indication that it can prove to be a lucrative and one of the practical business ideas in Italy.

5. Manufacturing of Perfumes’ Business

Perfume production business is another applicable and profitable business that can be successfully initiated and ran in Italy.

It is not too expensive to initiate; you can begin on a small scale and then grow it bigger after some time, if you start earning a good profit from this business. It can be one of the best small business ideas in Italy indeed, if you plan it the right way.

6. Becoming a Tourism Instructor

Becoming a tourism instructor is one of the best ideas to begin within countries like Italy. This country is filled with lakes, outstanding coastline and mountains that attract the tourist from all over the world.

Multiple sites are present that are trustworthy in advertising your services and the only cost is of establishing a simple legal and commercial structure; nothing more than this.

7. Cigar club

Cigar club or lounge establishment is another practical and healthy business for creative people in Italy. You will surely be satisfied by your bank balance, if you can attract and entertain cigar lovers from Italy.

8. Coaching/ Teaching

Coaching and teaching is one of the most respectable and best professions to begin with, wherever you live throughout the globe.

There is no reason to not become a coach or a teacher if you are good in teaching/coaching or skilled in any subject like health, computers, chemistry, physics, general sciences, etc.

9. Night Clubs’ Business

Italy enjoys a very busy night life. Due to this reason night club business comes in the list of the most profitable businesses in Italy and you can enjoy a great success in the country even being a beginner.

There is no better business than night clubs if you are thinking of starting a fun business idea in Italy.

10. Business of Home Prepared Meals and Delivery System

 Meal kit service and delivery system is a great help for people in a place like Italy where everyone is too busy to prepare a healthy meal or go shopping or is trying to reduce food wastage. It is one of the best small business ideas in Italy especially if you are a beginner.

So, these are the small business ideas in Italy. There are some more profitable business ideas in Italy which you can pursue with medium investment. For instance:

11. Fashion Business

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The scope of fashion business in Italy is great. Several fashion events are conducted in Milan and Rome and thousands of people come to Italy to attend these fashion events.

Moreover, the local community also has a great taste of fashion. So, if you want to start your business in this niche, then read our article 10 profitable fashion business ideas and choose the best one which you can start easily.

12. Travel and Tourism Agency


Travel and Tourism sectors contributes a lot in the GDP of Italy. Each year, thousands of expats and tourists come to Italy to visit best places in Italy.

Further, this businesses in travel and tourism niche make good money in winter seasons when people hire tourism agencies for skies and winter expeditions. If you love tourism then you should try to start your similar business.

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13. Private Hire Car Company

Luxury cars

In Italy, people often hire private hire car company for car rentals with chauffeur services. The drivers / chauffeurs who are offering services like airport transfers, wedding chauffeur services or private day tour transfers, enjoy high earnings. If you’ve reasonable cars for transfers, then start this business.

To get more clients, you’ll need to sign up on some leading travel and tourism sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia or Viator and offer your services. You should also make your website and hire best SEO company to rank your sites so that your search engine visibility increases and ultimately you get high paying clients.

14. Restaurants and Hotels

As mentioned above, the travel and tourism businesses are on peak in Italy. Restaurants and hotels industry is also associated with tourism industry. If you’ve some investment, make restaurant and hotels and start earnings.

15. Beauty Salons and SPA

People in Italy often go to beauty salons and SPAs and pay high fees for the said services. Try your luck in this niche.

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16. Food Business

Food business has a great scope in Italy. Numbers of businesses are operating in Italy that are not only successful but also making handsome profits each year. Try to invest your funds in this sector and starting making money.

There are some more small business ideas in Italy which you can start in 2023 such as

17. Start Online business in Italy

18. Software House

19. Franchising

20. Consultancy Business

Hope you’ve find this list useful. If you’ve any business idea in your mind, don’t hesitate to mention it in Comment Box.

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