10 Best Small Business Ideas in Mumbai India 2019


Looking for small business ideas in Mumbai? Look no more. Here are ten best small business opportunities in Mumbai which you can pursue at small scale.

Mumbai is one of the most important cities of India in many aspects especially from financial and economic point of view. It is India’s most populous city and that is one of the reasons that there are countless business opportunities in here. Mumbai has a very fast growing market and it comes on number two in the list of the fastest growing markets of Asia. So, there is a huge potential for the people who start their businesses in Mumbai. Some of the best small business ideas in Mumbai that can help you choose the most suitable business startup for you are as follows:

10 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Mumbai

Best Small Business Ideas in Mumbai

1. Grocery Delivery Business

The business of grocery delivery is one of the newest small business ideas that you can easily start in a city like Mumbai.

It is better if you start such a business in a comparatively posh area, so that the consumers would be willing to pay some extra amount to you for delivering their groceries at the door steps.

You can start this business individually as well. If you make your own grocery shop along with it, it would surely double your sales.

2. SEO Consultancy Business

There is a great demand of SEO consultants these days everywhere. A lot of companies need SEO consultants for the optimization of their websites on daily basis.

So, if you are an SEO expert, you can provide your services to one or more companies at a time and gradually expand your business. Even females can start this business and provides these services from home if they are technical enough and can deal with the work related to Search Engine Optimization.

It is one of the amazing small business ideas in Mumbai for ladies who are hardworking and committed.

3. Becoming a Trainer

You can become a trainer of whatever you are good at. It can also be one of the great business opportunities in Mumbai from home, since you can initiate the business in one of the rooms of your home.

Later on, you can also make up an academy, if your business starts growing. For becoming the trainer, you first have to decide what are you good at and which services do you want to provide, like cooling class, dancing and singing classes, yoga classes or whatever.

You do not have to invest much in this business while taking a start, so it is an amazing business idea with low investment.

4. Business of Used Furniture

In Mumbai, there are lots of people who get new furniture due to various reasons and they want to resell the old one.

It gives the relevant businessmen the opportunity for buying it, giving it a new touch, polishing and maintaining it, and reselling it to another party. It is a smart business idea from which you can earn a lot of profit in Mumbai.

5. Providing Detective Services

A person who is good at investigating stuff can make an impressive income by this skill. Many companies require some people who can provide them detective services for different reasons.

The detective services can be of various types including the investigation of some missing person, investigation related to a fraud in a real estate firm, background investigations, etc.

You can decide which area you are good at, and then offer your services to the companies that require similar services. It is a new business opportunity in Mumbai and not a lot of people are doing this business. So this is a lucrative business opportunity in Mumbai.

6. Becoming an Interior Designer

In Mumbai, there are a lot of people who have good life styles and they live in posh areas of the city. Such people are always concerned about the interior decoration of their homes. For that, they are never reluctant to pay even large amounts of money.

So, if you have a degree in a field related to interior decoration and/or you have some experience and a good taste in the relevant field, then you must start a business of interior decoration and designing in Mumbai.

7. Opening up a Spa and Beauty Saloon

Now-a-days both women and men are equally conscious about their grooming and physical appearance. Especially in Mumbai, people have got a lot of awareness about looking good and presentable.

So, lots of people need to services of beauty salons and parlors, no matter they are men and women. So, it is a great small business idea in Mumbai to open up your own Spa and Beauty Saloon if you think you have the guts.

8. Business of Selling Plants

If you have some space in your house front or back lawn, or you have some area anywhere else where you think you can grow small green plants and other organic items, then you should not ignore the idea of starting a business of selling plants. There is a great potential in such a business in Mumbai and other big cities of India.

9. Becoming a Wedding Planner

The wedding planners in Mumbai earn a great amount of money throughout the wedding seasons in the city. The people of Mumbai celebrate their weddings in a lively way and they always need wedding planners for making it sure that the occasion goes well and all the arrangements remain perfect. This is also one of the top class ideas for starting a business in Mumbai.

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10. Food Business in Mumbai

The business of food is always the best type of business if you can manage it well. The people of Mumbai are very lively and they love to eat. Some of their famous dishes include Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Bamboo Chicken, etc.

It is a great small business idea in Mumbai to start such a business in which you sell the traditional food of the city. Not only the people of Mumbai love these food items, but the residents of other areas also enjoy these foods when they pay a visit to Mumbai.

As we said earlier that there are countless business opportunities in Mumbai. Here are more five small business ideas in Mumbai which you can consider for starting your business in Mumbai:

11# Web Developing Company
12# Web Designing Company
13# Start your eCommerce Site
14# Buy & Sell used cars
15# Real Estate Business in Mumbai

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