Living a Nomadic Lifestyle: Beginners Guide


In recent times, becoming a Nomadic Lifestyle is becoming an increasingly popular life choice. Nomads have existed for as long as human civilization however the meaning of the word “nomad” has drastically changed over the course of human history.

Today, when we talk about Nomads we are not talking about the ancient nomads who were either hunters or shepherds that traveled from one place to another living on local animals and plants. Instead, today becoming a Nomad has become an attractive lifestyle that enables people to travel and live their best life.

Actually, Nomads, in this technologically advanced age are called “Digital Nomads”. A Digital Nomad is an individual who travels from one place to another and relies on technology to make a living.

They usually are equipped with technical devices and skill sets to earn money while they travel and experience life in different countries. It is obvious why this lifestyle so popular; I mean who wouldn’t want to travel the world without any responsibilities and work remotely to support their trip?

However, accommodating to the Nomadic Lifestyle is far difficult than you think. You will need self-discipline, organizational skills, work-life balance, determination to continue, and the ability to adapt to all kinds of situations.

However, if you are determined to become a digital nomad and willing to give it all to adopt this lifestyle, then I am here to provide you some tips and general guidelines that every digital nomad should follow by the book.

How to prepare to start your journey as a Digital Nomad?

Living a Nomadic Lifestyle

As said earlier, it is not easy to become a digital nomad as it requires extensive preparation among various other things. But I’ll tell you exactly how you can prepare to ace your life as a Digital Nomad.

1# Find a remote Job

First things first, find a remote job that works for you. You may think that you can land a job while traveling however that does not work in all cases.

Imagine if you are unable to land a job in a foreign country and then run out of money and it is very likely that you’ll spend more time exploring, partying, traveling than on working to land a job so landing a remote job should be your first priority.

A Nomadic Lifestyle demands that you find a job and start saving money at least 3 months before you travel.

2# Save Money

You need to start saving money by reducing your expenses. You’ll be thankful that you saved money one day. Most Digital Nomads rely on remote jobs to support their lifestyle which can prove to be very fickle at times.

Imagine what would happen if you lose your job or work slows down and you have no savings? You’ll be stuck in a foreign country with no money. Hence, you must have savings enough for 2 months before you venture onto the Nomadic lifestyle.

3# Important Documents

You must have your visa and passport on you and you can’t afford to lose them. Plus an International driving license and a credit card are also necessary.

Make sure you also have digital nomad insurance so that you are covered against damage and theft which is more common than you think.

4# Technical Equipment

Now it would be ironic if you are a digital Nomad but you do not possess the necessary technical equipment.

If you work remotely you’ll need a laptop or tablet and a universal adaptor that will keep your devices charged. Headphones and Wi-Fi Hotspot are also essential when traveling.

5# Mentally Ready

Be mentally ready to adapt to the Nomadic Lifestyle. You must understand what are you giving up and what awaits you ahead.

To become a Digital Nomads you’ll need to give up your dog or amazing girlfriend or stop seeing your lovely family for most of the year. Most people give up within a few months since they feel lonely and homesick.

Try to grasp the consequence of the step you are taking and weigh your options carefully before you make the final call.

6# Test it out

It is best to try and test the Nomadic Lifestyle out to know if you are cut out for this life or not. Try to find a remote job, save for a while, and plan a trip to another country for a few months but do not sell your house or furniture yet.

If you can accommodate in a foreign country, navigate your way among strangers, give up seeing your family, maintain work-life balance, and manage your finances then you are ready to officially become a Digital Nomad.

But if you find that the lifestyle is not suiting you then you can come right back home and consider the trip a nice little vacation. It is better to find out early than find out 5 months later when you have no money or place to go back to.

Benefits of Nomadic Lifestyle

  • Travel and see the places you always wanted to visit
  • Interaction with new people and culture
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Better mental health
  • No responsibilities

Struggles of Nomadic Lifestyle

  • Lack of Income
  • Unpredictable
  • Loneliness
  • Homesickness
  • No full-time worker benefits

Concluding: Believe in Yourself and your Dream

Nothing is easy in life; not even adapting to a Nomadic lifestyle. Hence you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of Nomadic Lifestyle to make the final decision.

If you decide that it is your dream and passion to travel and work remotely then go for it. Just work consistently, manage your finances, and take breaks to enjoy the places you visit. Most importantly never stop believing in yourself and your dream.

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Author: Mehak Sohail