7 Trends Around the Direct Selling Industry in 2020!


Direct selling always is and will be a stand-out business model to establish product selling business in the marketing world. This particular business model has been in practice since the 20th century and has been a successful revenue generating strategy.

As time runs its wheel, new trends have been building over the existing modes that help out both distributors and organization equally without much complexity.

It’s 2020, and technology has seen its prominent side. Here is a list of new trends around direct selling industry that can help you out to accelerate the sales growth as well as the easiness.

Let’s take a look at those trends for best understanding.

7 Direct Selling Industry Trends 2020

direct selling Industry trends

1# E-commerce – Sell Everything in the Virtual World!

Far away from all the concepts in direct selling, e-commerce has its advanced and ultimate importance to growing business widely and easily.

This part is considered as the top trending methods in the direct selling industry to sell products to customers and maximize the bandwidth of the marketplace.

It’s more an open marketing channel and as per recent surveys – it’s more a 50-50 deal between virtual shopping and real shopping world! So, customers from both ends can be grabbed easily and no more missing spots!

E-commerce with productive affiliate marketing techniques can bring in good fortune, and the revenue so earned will be high in numbers! That’s the reason for mentioning e-commerce as the ‘highest selling point’ in terms of the latest trends, and it’ll stick up there for a long period of time.

2# From small-Scale to Enterprise Growth

Direct selling business growth from the small-scale level to enterprise-level has been one of the yet another promising trends seen recently. It’s a good sign or gesture and this is achieved with the support of investors, juicy compensation plans, and other supporting marketing channels.

We’ll discuss more of such parts in the following trends.

It’s the phase of advancement and a strong desire that pushes this enterprise growth. Well, years of experience in the industry always provides enough idea of what and how to analyze the market.

3# Technology Upgrades – Stability in Automation Guarantees!

Technology upgrades to its latest side every year and at present, the trending aspects of technology are more on data. It’s the data that provides enough input for predictive analysis, and with this data, the technology is upgraded.

A custom trend – there are many streams of technology who keeps using these data like Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, etc. and analyze to make technology a reliable source.

Direct selling software is the best reliable option to manage the business, and the technology is implemented via this method.

Smart way of providing stability into the direct selling business, isn’t it?

4# Internet & Social Media – Source of New Opportunities

A network of networks seems to be one of the greatest channels to advance your business and improve sales opportunities.

From basic sharing, market pitch, socially connecting, business content sharing through blogs & articles, and much more things are carried out using this platform.

From the social media platform, the above market niche can be easily spotted and utilized properly. It’s not a new trend and is considered as a digital marketing strategy to dig deep to marketing roots.

Here you will find your targeted customers and yes, it’s a direct marketing opportunity or else a direct selling pitch.

5# Cryptocurrency – A New Mode of the Transaction!    

Just like one pay commissions and bonus (compensation) in the form of any fiat currency (USD), a cryptocurrency can be used for the payment part. These coins or tokens can be used as a mode of transaction.

Usually, big heads have managed to build their own coins for this transaction part and also as an investment opportunity.

Afterward, this currency can be added in the exchanges to mark their circulation and thereby gain a high market cap. Bitcoin is considered as the godfather of this new era and many altcoins have been developed later on to gain a new trend in the direct selling industry.

6# New Distributor Selling Methods & Entrepreneurship Rises Up!

Customers are always the king and just like mentioned earlier there are several methods to understand what they want and act in accordance with such strategies. Distributors are trained well enough to adopt such methods in their selling and improve the scope at its best.

This trend reflected in the entrepreneurship side just like the way enterprises popped up all of a sudden. In-depth knowledge and experience steam up such marvelous ideas to form a new identity and brand establishment in the direct selling world.

With such new methods, the capability of sales and marketing enhances to make sure the future stand strong with their products.

7# Mobile World – A Tiny Spot Where World Occupied!   

As per the data provided by wearesocial.com, about 5.135 billion people are using a mobile phone and this enlightened up a smart move for marketing.

Even this trend reflected in the direct selling business and the mobile device became the tiny-teeny spot where the world occupied.

This trend created an opportunity via email marketing, through SMS promotions, subscriptions, mobile apps, e-commerce, promotional calls, etc.

As people can manage everything using a smart device, business promotions are carried out under this hood and everything is awesome!

These trends look promising and seem to be doing the job exactly as the direct selling industry expects.

Stay updated to let yourself know about more trends, and eventually, one or the way you can adapt it for cooking up a fortune cookie!

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Author Bio: Sajin Rajan, CEO of Epixel Solutions, a US-based software development company has more than 10 plus years of experience with demonstrated history in the Network marketing industry, working with clients, analyzing their needs and resources, and helping them to meet their business objectives and goals. He Have been executing projects for top Direct Selling companies in an efficient manner and developing prolific relationships with clients.