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How will Technology Change in the Future

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Why Facebook Live should be at the top of your Social media strategy

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The packaging of any food item is not to be taken lightly because it can affect greatly on your business. In our daily lives, we pay more attention to what we are buying, when every food that we see in the market is being preserved and protected by its package. If the packaging is not doing its job properly, the food inside will become stale. This also expands to the restaurants and their packaging. Even though the food you buy at the restaurants needs to be eaten fresh, the packaging still has to be good enough, so the food stays hot, and in shape/appearance, it is meant to be in. If you can come up with packaging, that not only protects your food but is also presentable, then you have hit the jackpot. Many companies provide contract packaging to businesses and restaurants, and if you cannot handle the packaging by yourself, then you can take help from such companies. It would be great if you can add a bit of creativity to your food packaging, and if you don’t know how to do that, we are here to give you some ideas about that! 1. Eco-Friendly Our climate is changing along with our living conditions. Our planet is not meant to tolerate such huge amount of wastes that are destroying the trees and the climate. In these times, it falls on everyone one of us to play our part, and as a restaurant business owner, you should not feel any different. Take this opportunity and play your part by making the food packaging eco-friendly. Every plastic food packaging of your restaurant that your customer uses, and throws away contributes to the worsening condition of our planet. When you make your food packaging environment-friendly, your customers will know that you care about them as much as the environment they all live in. Brands that are more social awareness are seen as trustworthy as compared to other brands, and that is good for your sales. 2. Use Your Packaging To Communicate Your food packaging is the only thing with which you can communicate with your customer. What do you want to use this opportunity for? Almost every brand uses packaging to advertise their brand name. Hence you can find the logo or brand name on the packaging of the food, but printing your logo on the packaging is not it. It needs to communicate a message that you have to come up with. Brand the packaging your food arrives in and everything that it inside it, including the napkins. 3. Splash Of Color The more colorful your food packaging will be, the more it will attract other people. Think of it in a way that can increase your sales. If someone is eating from your restaurant, and another person sees the colors and the vibrant packaging of food, s/he will be intrigued to find out more about the brand. You can add vibrant colors to your food packaging and mix them up with the design, or make it look like a splash of different watercolors. Anything that can catch the onlooker’s eye! 4. Compartmentalization If you have any deals in your restaurants, instead of placing different items in a bag and make it hard for your customer to pick it up, you can construct just one box. In this box, there should be different compartments for different items such as rice, burger, fries, etc. a lot of people prefer takeaway over dining at the restaurant, and it can get difficult, not to mention, messy, to pick up a single bag stuffed up with everything along with the drinks. 5. Multi-Tasking Many people face a problem with the packaging when it is too small, for instance, the packaging of French fries. Some people do not have the time to sit at the restaurant or eat at their own house. People with busy schedules are always on the go, and they need to eat everything while they are in the car or bus. A major problem that many customers feel need to be resolved is the packaging of the fries. If someone needs to eat fries with ketchup, s/he has to pour it on them all, and that is nothing but a disaster. There is nothing where a customer can put the ketchup on, and you can come up with a solution. Make a tiny pocket in the container/package, that customer can pull out and put ketchup inside in. 6. Comfort Your food packaging should provide your customers with comfort. A lot of time, food is packaged in bags that cannot be lifted easily because there is no handle, or place, to hold them from. If you are giving your customers food inside a bag, you should construct a handle at the top of the package so they can be lifted easily. The packaging of the food item should also not be rigid because you are aiming at making the customer’s comfort level better. Design the packaging in a way that your customer can open it up in the form of a giant plate or a tray where they can put other ingredients like ketchup or sauces. Many customers pay close attention to what their food comes into, and if they are impressed with the presentation, there is a chance that they will come back for more as well! About the Author: Mark Berry is a seasoned designer & creative director with ten years of experience in Chicago, IL. Food Packaging Agency. In his free time, he writes blogs about amazing packaging tips and tricks.

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