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Android 9 Pie

13 Advance Features of Android 9 Pie

The latest and the final version of Android, Android 9 Pie comes with numerous new features that will probably turn your phone into a super computer! Well, not quite. But, there’s...
Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies for 2019

Because the world of technology changes so rapidly, so do the platforms that we can use to market our content. This requires that we change, grow and adapt with this dynamic...
Microbot Push

Microbot Push for dumb devices

Technology is boosting every day. Usage of internet products are increasing vastly.  It seems like we have a new automation tool for connecting our devices with our lives. Technology is going...
how technology improves education in statistics

How Technology Improves Education in Statistics

Children start learning statistics as soon as they start schooling and continue to deepen their knowledge in this field on all educational stages. In fact, statistics has much in common with...
trader funding programmes

The Truth About Trader Funding Programmes

If you have been trading for a while now, you are most likely to encounter companies, that are looking for successful traders whom they provide trading capital up to $100.000 or...
The World Beauty Industry_ The 4 Most Highly Paid Jobs

The World Beauty Industry: The 4 Most Highly Paid Jobs

The world has lots of jobs in the beauty industry, from the underpaid jobs to the highly paid ones. Today you learn about 4 highly paid jobs in the USA. The 4...
Amazon PPC advertising

Amazon PPC: A Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon doesn’t require any particular skills. It is all about the product you choose and your product listing. If you are new to Amazon PPC, this post will help you...
6 Things To Do, To Improve Your Retirement Planning

6 Things To Do, To Improve Your Retirement Planning

Post-retirement the expenses don’t recede, so it becomes more critical for a person to plan his life after retirement. It becomes paramount to rely on alternative sources of income after he...
5 Tips to Make the Voice of Your Company Illustrious

5 Tips to Make the Voice of Your Company Illustrious

I have often asked myself what other people think of me, the things they see and think about me. Similarly, I have often asked what people think of my business and...
how artificial intelligence transforming talent acquisition and management

How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Talent Acquisition and Management

As workforce productivity is taking a center-stage, the businesses are increasing their investments in HR technology. The investment in HR technology is not only to increase productivity but it also leverages the...


What You Need To Know About Buying an Existing Business

Starting a business from scratch is not for everyone. If you are looking into becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t want to deal with all...