Is the Future of Digital Marketing Bright?


A few years ago, marketing was done by salesmen by going door to door. There was publicity by speaking and talking to people on radio, television, and telephones. Physical methods were used to carry out advertising

But now, times have changed. People want everything handy. The usage of radios, television, and telephones has become rare. Also, computers to some extent are being replaced by mobile phones. From school students to senior citizens, from the street vendors to top-class businessmen almost all have a cell phone. 

In today’s world, individuals are constantly relocating for various purposes. Which is why Smartphones have become a basic necessity for everyone. People have chosen portable devices like laptops, tablets, and wireless phones over desktop computers. 

The increased use of technology has changed marketing over the years. Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing methods. Marketers now need not go physically to promote their services. Instead, they can reach a wider, relatable audience through the internet. 

Digital marketing has developed a lot in a few years’ time. Even startups and low-budget businesses are opting for it, taking into consideration the low investments and high returns. But will digital marketing continue to shine bright? 

Have an insight into the topic below.

Positives of Digital Marketing

future of digital marketing

By combining technical data, analytics, creativity, and digital skills marketers have tapped into customers’ expectations. Targeting the desires and wishes of buyers through interactive and engaging advertisements is the best fruit of internet marketing.

Various methods can be employed in making digital ads. Out of these, one is story-telling.


Generating customer engagement by sharing real-life experiences or sharing data that is interesting, unusual or shocking can be done. Videos of celebrities, athletes or even common public related to the brand products has helped businesses become popular.

An emotional connection can be made with the public. Sharing testimonials of successful projects, client reviews, employee stories has enabled brands to touch the viewers’ hearts.

The authenticity of brands can be highlighted by the influencer marketing strategy. Joining hands with celebrated persons on social media increases the trust of the public. Companies now focus on showing rather than telling. Choosing the right face to showcase your products can play a major role in trust-building on the company.

Brand Awareness

Moreover, brand awareness can be remarkably increased by internet marketing or doing it on social media. Putting up creative posts will do the task. Publishing blogs on current topics are a good way for promotions along with providing knowledge to the readers.

According to a Forbes study, 82% of customers research online for their future purchases. whereas, 79% of people shop online. This makes it important for brands to have an impactful presence on the internet. 

It is a cost-effective substitute for old-fashioned promotional techniques. One need not buy high-cost raw materials, carry out expensive printing or rent hoardings to put up the ads. By taking over the traditional pamphlet distribution, digital advertising is also an environment-friendly approach.

Using analytics and tracking tools has made this kind of selling the most measurable one. It is easier to track progress. Also, the ineffectiveness can be followed and necessary changes in the market plan can be made to increase the sales.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Advertising on billboards and magazines poses the danger of not reaching the intended audience. This is a very general kind of advert. Through the digital alternative, advertising to a specific audience is also possible. With the help of SEO and social media targeting options it possible to reach the ideal market.

With digital aspects of promotions, it is easy to adjust the strategies as per the need. The modification with respect to the market as well as new trends is less complicated. Unlike traditional marketing, where the change is expensive and time-consuming. 

The enterprises have extended themselves globally by easy sharing features of digital marketing. From sharing web links to liking, tagging and sharing content with friends on social media brands are reaching people from diverse locations. 

Careers in digital marketing

More and more people are opting for jobs in digital marketing. Being portable is the main reason why youngsters are choosing this field. Work-from-home mothers are one of the best examples.

Furthermore, travel bloggers, freelancers, part-time employees are also illustrations of digital marketers. 

Popular brands have started to hire new talents for their social media marketing. So, there is a rise in opportunities for freshers to work with reputed organizations in various fields. You might also get a chance to work with individuals having different work profiles.

You may get to work with a designer, a photographer, a manager, a comedian, anyone!

Even while working you come across trending news. It is easier to keep track of the interesting stuff happening across the globe. You never know when you get lucky and may get to work with or for your favorite celebrity. The possibility is not very rare in digital marketing. 

Digital marketing provides jobs for the public irrespective of their majors in graduation. It is open for a science graduate, an economics student as well as a law school pass out or a high school graduate. Besides these, mothers, housewives, retirees, physically challenged are even given the same opportunity as others.

It is also possible to work on your own as a freelancer instead of working under someone. You can become your own boss. With adequate skills and knowledge, you can make your own digital marketing business. It is practicable to work solo.

Lots of job profiles are available for digital marketing. The most widely known ones are SEO specialist, social media marketer, content marketer, E-commerce marketer, graphic designer, online reputation manager, social media manager. 

Digital marketing seems to be glowing in the later years

Digital marketing has shifted the focus of brands towards customers’ needs. Making customer satisfaction the main goal. Immediate response to clients through social media, chatbots, and emails have dramatically increased today. 

The world wide web is getting saturated with new sites daily. Despite this crowding, the digital method of promoting is until today the most fruitful approach. As per a study from the ODM group, 70% of the internet consumers research on the internet before making a purchase. 

Customer reviews, as well as comments, are important in encouraging new buyers. People often want to see what others think about those products. Meaning happy customers naturally promote you by giving good feedback on your web pages and social media handles.

Looking at the upsides of digital media, it doesn’t seem to be doomed in the near future. Which is why it is a better idea to uptake digital marketing for promoting your business. A career in this niche would also be a great idea.

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Author Bio: Krunal Soni is the founder and CEO of Thrillax Private Limited, a digital marketing company. He holds expertise in diverse fields. His 15+ year spree in this field has earned him clients, and their faith in his tactics. His intelligent strategies have put Thrillax among the leaders of Digital Marketing as per the Clutch report of 2019. A systematic approach, transparent processes and friendly mentoring have allowed him to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.