How To Use Twitter For Business Effectively in 2021 & Beyond


Twitter is one of the flabbergasting social media, which holds 330 million monthly active users and 145 million active users daily.

People step into Twitter to attain entertainment and to be aware of current happenings on various aspects. Businesspersons, markets, entrepreneurs who enter Twitter to enrich their growth in business

How To Use Twitter For Business Effectively in 2020 And Beyond

Here, you are going to visit how to use Twitter for business effectively. 

Before You Proceed, What Is Your Plan?

A well-designed plan is significant to accomplish victory in business development. You are spending your valuable money and precious time to achieve your goal. So, fix the right plans and goals to gain your success.

Think yourself to pick what is your priority or which is wanted to start early,

You may have many plans, some of them,

When you decide your goals, then it’s quite easy to plan your weekly or monthly objective to reach your goal. For instance, if your goal is to expand your follower’s count, target to receive 20-30 new followers per month. Prepare your action according to that.

7 Tips To Use Twitter For Business Effectively

How To Use Twitter For Business Effectively

1. Build an Impressive Profile 

Once you have clear-cut goals, your first work will create a flawless profile for your business. Your profile should be unique, and it must express your brand’s personality.

Invest your time to concentrate on creating outstanding profiles. Because your profile is the first stuff, people visit when they like your content.

While selecting a picture for your profile, make sure it is related to your industry; Twitter strengthens brand exposure by picking your brand logo as your profile picture.

Coming to your background image that is your cover photo, you can place your product picture or watermarked image of your product. It helps to give more recognition to your brands.

Make sure you have filled all stuff in your bio area. There you can show the results of your effects. Provide details like who you are, what your business Includes your other media links, website, and blog links to expand your traffic rate.

Add keywords of your brands, hashtags. Show your profile off by linking it to an email signature, other media accounts, or your website page.

It helps to drive more reach to your social profile. Try to get your account verified by Twitter. So that people will trust your products and services.

2. Did You Know To Use Hashtags Properly? 

Hashtags first originated in the Twitter world. Through the use of hashtags, get benefited by bringing more audience to your account. With the help of hashtags, your content is divided into categories.

Make people discover your brands or related content easily. The research study shows that tweets that hold hashtags obtain 50% more engagement and interaction.

Rules to use hashtags effectively on Twitter

Go With Limited Hashtags: Avoid using too many hashtags per tweet. It is best to use one or two hashtags for one tweet.

Ignore Spaces: Don’t create hashtags with spaces; for instance, it must be like #TwitterReach #TwitterForLife. Besides, don’t use any punctuation too.

Spot Popular Hashtags: Hashtags with the same meaning have different rank and engagement rates with people. Make sure you are using the right hashtags that are related to your content.

When you look at the sidebar on the left-side to see trending tags for your Twitter profile, you can consider that. Nowadays, you have tools to get trending hashtags and matching hashtags for your content.

3. Publish At Right Time 

Twitter receives more than 350,000 tweets each minute. Imagine how hard it is to get engagement from your audience. Actually, the trick is simple if you know when to post and your active audience time, then your post will be engaged automatically.

Some of the best time and worst time,

  • During weekends especially on Friday, you will work for you because Friday evening people will be almost free. More relaxed to spend their time on social media.
  • Mornings hours 9 am to 10 am you can consider. After 12, people will be in their lunch hours. Avoid posting on Sunday morning.

Tips to Gain Engagement

  • Tweet often at different times to find your audience time. Maintain an equal gap between each time. Experiment with different times on each day. Suppose you want to get greater engagement then tweet per post.
  • Make use of Twitter analytics to know audience timing and interest. 
  • Once you find people’s time, be consistent, and provide interesting and attractive content. You can schedule your tweet with a gap to make your audience get connected with your brand.

4. Attach With Your Followers 

Receiving people’s engagement is the only stuff you must work, and it improves your business. If you want your followers to be genuine and loyal, then you must engage with them. Appreciate their action towards you. 

Monitor your network to see your followers tweet to know about their choices and wishes. Get updated with new trends and technology.

Give responses to your follower’s questions as soon as possible. These small things may help you a lot. When you reply to them fastly, your brand image will increase. You can end up with more Twitter retweets when you retweet your followers’ content. This is also an excellent way to increase connection with your followers.

Tag people when you post something that relates to them and also responds to the people and influencer if they mention you. 

5. Build Brand’s Voice

On Twitter, it’s important to build a human tone, voice for a brand. That is, providing the uniqueness of your brand to show it has a specific style.

Don’t just promote your content. Decide what your brand should deliver to your audience; through the brand’s personality, you can build your product’s separate voice. Whether your content gives information, elegance, or fashion trends.

Once you fix your style, maintain it with your brand. These types of posts will encourage your audience naturally.

6. Post More Visual Contents 

Visual contents are getting more worth; it helps to raise engagement on social media. The research study shows that more than 80% of people love to watch video content on Twitter.

They like to see more visual parts from the account they follow. You can go for live videos on Twitter to obtain more interaction.

7. Visual Content Idea To Maximize Your Engagement 

Post, behind-the-scenes content about your company, shoot how your product is prepared and packed for the audience. Any special events and meetings held in your company shoot that and post it as behind-the-scenes. 

Use pictures to your tweet, which must be eye-catching with good quality and related to your brand. If it’s needed, you can tag ten people in that tweet.

Create your own GIF’s images; Twitter allows you to build your own Gif’s depending on your brand or product. It creates excitement and happiness when they see funny stuff. You can try polls, giveaways, contests to get instant attention from your audience.

8. Evaluate Your Actions 

One of the important work is to evaluate and track your performance on Twitter. You have to listen closely to what people react to, comments on your brand, and their expectations of your brand. Second, see how your content is going with your audience.

Track your competitor’s strategies, and learn from them; if they are following any new tactics, be aware of that.

Observe your followers what they are trying to say about your product. You can use Twitter analytics to analyze your audience and your performance with them. This gathered information will help you in many ways.

Final Thoughts

Using these effective strategies, you can construct your brand’s followers and engagement to your account. Be constant and get attached to your strategy. Increase your presence on Twitter to increase your business development.


Author Bio: Kaira Ralph works at  Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.