4 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic


So, you’ve got the website covered, and now you just need to draw the masses in. With so much information online, it can get overwhelming to sift the good stuff out from the rest.

That’s why we took the time to go over 4 ways you can increase your website traffic for the long haul in the most natural manner possible. All while boosting its potential when it comes to ranking for its keywords.

Don’t worry, we’ve also made sure to drop in a golden nugget that the professionals tend to use when they’re working on the websites of their clients.

And it’s going to save a lot of your time while taking you to the level you want to be on a lot quicker than having to figure it out yourself.

5 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

increase website traffic

#1 – It all starts at home. Properly optimize your content

You’d be surprised how many people just throw something together and just post it without any second though at all. If only they knew how much they were hurting their potential, the just might pay closer attention. Properly optimized content can drive tons of traffic naturally.

You might be wondering how you can optimize your content, but while there are extensive guides on content optimization already, we’ll keep it as short and sweet as we can.

The general idea is to make Google and other search engines see how relevant your website and its pages are to the niche you’re targeting. This is where keyword research and SEO strategies come into play to deliver the best results possible.

You want to be the resource for the main keywords that are targeting your niche. This will help you rise to the top and stay long-term.

If you don’t want to do all of this yourself, there are two routes that you can still take, even though it’s going to cost you more than the good ole DIY SEO approach.

However, the results they provide could be ten times better than you could produce right out the gate. Without further ado, let’s dig into them, shall we?

i) Hire SEO / Copywriter Specialist

The first option is you could hire on a full-time in-house copywriter or SEO specialist, but this is going to require you to pay a salary out consistently. If there’s not enough to cover an increase in operating expenses this next option might be for you.

ii) Link Building Specialist

The second option is to hire someone, like the folks do when they discover link building by PureLinq. This will cost you the pre-determined fee(s) and is usually a lot more feasible than hiring on a new full-time employee. Since they have some of the best SEO vets in the house, the results are commendable as well. Steer away from the ones that promise ridiculous results in as little as 3 weeks, as those could end up to non-legit methods. Results are produced over prolong amounts of time of performing ethical processes to get them in the first place.

 #2 – Embrace the power that social media holds within

Social media is a very powerful platform, especially when it is used properly and with the latest tactics known to increase one’s social media following as well as overall reach. You could outsource this, hire on a social media marketer, or just do the homework and work yourself.

If you do it properly and segment each aspect of your business, it could enhance your clientele as well as lead you to even more profitable opportunities. Just make sure you go about it the way that’s going to consistently draw results for your business.

#3 – Build your links naturally on relevant websites

There are many places that love the art of link outreach, and you can see this when the topic of guest blogging comes up. The reason is that it gives website owners the opportunity to get quality content at just the cost of a link.

Plus, they know that in the long run it’s a 2-way street anyways so it’s something that has the potential to deliver consistent results for and from their website(s) that embrace it.

You could spend days, if not weeks, trying to find your own websites and build up your own list of where you can manually build links.

Then again, you can use a link building service to embrace the lists they’ve already built and continue to build on as well as the opportunity to save labor hours, or even one’s own time.

You can even go as far as looking at one of the leading SEO blogs or reading one of the extensive SEO guides available online. This could help you get a feel for whether it’s something you truly want to take on yourself. Either way, there’s a viable solution just for you.

#4 – Paid advertisements on major search engines.

This is one of the more expensive routes to take on when it comes to boosting your website traffic. You either get charged for every thousand ad impressions, or for each click to your website made through your advertisement.

On Google, you can see their adds via top of page placements, and the right sidebar page listings. If you have some money to throw down, this could be a viable option.

Just keep in mine that proper SEO tactics will provide you with more affordable placement rates as well. This is usually why you work with someone who has experience creating and managing campaigns of all sizes.

They’re the ones who can bring the results the quickest, but you do have to pay for the awesome results. As they say, you get what you pay for.

Just keep in mind that the more organized you are from the beginning, the better off your life will be. This means embracing cloud storage for backup solutions as well as using note-taking apps such as OneNote or Evernote will help you track your progress on current tasks and have records of previous accomplishments at the same time. Don’t underestimate the power that investing just a little bit of time into the finer things will get you.

Author: Jessica Davison