7 Job Trends To Watch Out For in 2021


In this competitive day and age, it is very necessary to stay on top of job trends so that you can better adjust to the future and whatever it will bring with it. You will be left behind by others if you do not keep up with both the Current Job Trends and the upcoming ones.

Plus a comprehensible knowledge of Job Trends can help one in making an informed decision about the major one should study and the career one should opt for. They can also help people in adapting to shifts in the workplace environment and the changing dynamics of the market.

If you find yourself wondering What Are Job Trends? Do not worry since many are not familiar with it. Job trends basically tell people how the resource, work ethic, corporate dynamics, and hiring process, etc. will turn out in near future.

Experts analyze the technological advancement, demands of the future, and business equations to come up with Job Trends so they are often reliable.

However it is obvious that no one was able to predict Job trends of 2020 accurately. It was predicted to be a year in which the trends of the last decade will persist and grow with few surprises. But 2020 was characterized by a raging pandemic, social unrest, tanking economies, and political upheaval which changed the way human society works altogether.

The digital innovation that started in 2020 will continue in 2021 as we can’t go back to how society worked in 2019 and most job trends of 2021 will indeed stem from 2020. With this in mind; let’s look at 7 Job Trends to Watch out for in 2021.

7 Job Trends To Watch Out For

Job Trends To Watch Out For

1# Hybrid Model (remote and Onsite work)

Having realized the countless advantages of remote working it is likely that in the post-COVID world, most companies will opt for a hybrid model of business. It is a model that works on the combination of the remote and onsite workforce.

In 2021, many companies will scale back on investment and try to cut back expenditures. And remote working is an effective way to hire a big workforce at a reasonable budget so the trend of remote working will continue in 2021.


2# Freelancing

Freelancing is a job trend that is bound to gain more popularity with the rise of remote work. In 2020 many people were laid off by big corporations and many of them opt for freelancing to make the ends meet.

Surprisingly, many made freelancing their main hustle when they realized that it comes with its own set of plus points i.e. enhanced productivity, flexible work schedule, and less stress.

Furthermore, hiring freelancers to complete tasks also benefits companies since they do not have to pay employees extra benefits and bonuses.

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3# Change in Performance Assessment Procedure

Remote working and freelancing are going to change how companies manage the performance of their employees.

For example companies and businesses are likely to focus more on the work completed rather than hours worked by an employee.

Plus most companies will make the assessment review an ongoing procedure so that they can keep the remote employees right on track and help them navigate through their duties.

4# eCommerce

E-commerce businesses were virtually unaffected by the pandemic and that is why they dominated the markets in 2020. This will continue as people have realized that it is way more convenient to order food/clothes and other necessities online while they relax on their cozy couch.

So E-commerce Businesses are here to stay and they may stay ahead of the competition in 2021 too. If you want to start an online business, there couldn’t be a more favorable period than now.

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5# Remote Hiring

Remote Hiring is another important Job trend of 2021. In 2020, most companies conducted interviews through video conferences and this will continue in 2021. According to LinkedIn, 74% of the businesses are expected to continue virtual hiring in 2021.

After the pandemic, many businesses may turn back to the traditional recruitment procedure but it will prove to be redundant in the remote post-COVID world. You are definitely in luck if you have learned to ace the video conference interviews.

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6# Better and Tech-Driven HR

HR will utilize a more technically advanced and research-oriented approach to cater to the remote working employees and play a vital role in the development of the businesses.

They can use innovative ways and tools to predict employee behavior, put together learning programs, and transform the recruitment process.

7# Tech-Savvy Employees in Demand

In 2021, most enterprises and businesses will be looking for tech-Savvy employees that are familiar with Zoom, chat messages and conference calls, etc.

This is because in the past year everyone has realized that being able to utilize and handle technology is a big plus point in a worker.


Hence 2021 is going to be the start of a digital age that stemmed from 2020. It is the age of remote learning, hiring, development, and online businesses.

At this rate, soon the majority of the people be learning, working, and earning remotely without a hassle.

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Author: Mehak Sohail