5 Startup Costs You Need to Keep in Mind as A Freelancer


Results of remarkable improvement in the technology sector have led to an increase in the number of people with access to an internet connection. Most people now prefer to work in the comfort of their homes.

Freelancers are usually employed for a short period as they are on contract with a company. That’s why it is essential for them to offer a wide variety of services to multiple clients.

There are several advantages attributed to freelancing, and that’s why the number of freelancers is growing day by day.

One of the benefits is that unlike a worker who has been employed by a company, a freelancer has the opportunity to control the amount of work they want to do per day. You have the privilege of choosing the clients you want to work for and the amount of pay. A freelancer can work from anywhere.

Therefore, despite having a deadline like any other worker, they are under no pressure to wake up early and rush to work. However, before deciding to be a freelancer, there are five startup costs that you have to consider as a newbie.

5 Startup Costs Freelancers Need To Know

startup costs for freelancer
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1# Cost of Travel and Home Office Upgrade

We often find ourselves purchasing less comfortable seats in our homes due to the fact you may not be spending as much time there. However, with freelancing, you can be assured of spending a lot of time sitting and browsing on your computer.

A less comfortable seat will result in back pain, hence making it necessary for one to purchase comfortable seats for their home office.

Additionally, if you’re working in a different country, you will need a work permit. For this, you can check out Visa Express to sort out your work documents.

Most of the time, we tend to focus more on the comfort of our seats, and in the process, we forget other factors like if the desk is large enough to accommodate the increasing number of files per day.

Apart from that, we should also consider whether the lighting system is sufficient and also whether the temperatures are favorable. Remember, straining in any way will automatically lead to discomfort.

Therefore, it is important to take the necessary action to ensure that your home office is a comfortable one by upgrading your desk if its small, purchasing a bulb that can provide sufficient light, and you can also purchase a fan to ensure that the temperature is always cool and favorable.    

2# Home System Upgrading Cost

When making your home your office, you need to make adequate preparations before beginning. Most homes today have computers and internet access. However, home laptops that are most commonly available have a small storage capacity.

It is evident that when freelancing, the amount of work needed to be saved on your computer will automatically increase.

Therefore, it would be necessary to invest in expanding the storage capacity of your laptops before starting.

Moreover, the amount of data used will increase, and you should make the appropriate arrangements on how to tackle this issue.

3# Software & OS Upgrading Cost

Quality and up-to-date versions of software and operating systems are always costly. That’s why many people find themselves using the free versions of software and operating systems.

However, these free packages are unable to handle all freelancing jobs, especially if it’s an IT or graphics design job.

In addition to that, this free software gives a low-quality output, which may not impress your clients. As a result, it is essential that one invests in purchasing software and upgrading it regularly to a professional-grade version.

4# Cost on Financing & Accounting Services

Paying taxes is a requirement for every working citizen in any country. This cost does not apply to every newbie freelancer as some are in an excellent position to calculate the amount of tax they are to pay.

However, if you are not used to this, you can seek help from your bank, who will help in coming up with your financial plan at a fee.

5# Advertising Cost

The only way to make your business accessible is by advertising it. You can promote it by creating a personal website that is accessible to everyone to see the services that you offer.

One can also create a business logo and pay for an advertisement at industry events or on a social media platform.

One should consider the cost of any mode of advertising before making a decision on which one they should use. This is because some modes are quite expensive however, in some case the cost of advertising increases since there will be more people who will view the advertisement hence leading to an increase in clients.

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Author: Ethan Clark