Out-Of-The-Box Ideas for Successfully Marketing your Startup in 2019


As a startup owner, you’ve probably heard so many similar strategies on how to boost your business, and in the end, it all comes down to being in the right place, at the right time.

Marketing, thankfully, is something that can help your startup a lot, but it needs to be done amazingly well. Traditional ways should still be applied, but unless you come up with something new and unexpected, you won’t be able to stand out. Therefore, check out these ideas for successfully marketing your startup that you won’t see every day.

7 Ideas for Successfully Marketing Your Startup

out of the box ideas for successfully marketing your startup 2019

#1 Make your startup recognizable

One of the things you should definitely do is personalizing your startup. The first thing that comes on their mind when someone mentions your business’ name is the thing that your startup represents, in the mind of a customer.

You need to stand out, and what’s a better way of doing that than giving your startup that unique touch that makes him special.

Once your customers have something to hold onto while telling their friends and colleagues about your startup, you’ll know you’ve done a great job.

#2 Let everyone know who you are

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People should be able to see, hear and know you. The best thing you can do is be creative and try to promote yourself in a way that nobody’s ever done, or at least in a way that’s not the most usual one.

According to the people behind this progressive master in visual design, each step forward is followed by a trade or an exchange.

Bearing this in mind, it’s easy to understand that whatever you do, something will change and let’s hope that’s exactly what you needed in order to take a step closer to the success.

#3 Make clients feel important

It’s very important to remember that your prime focus should always be on your customers. Every single activity in business is planned in such a way that you eventually form a solid, profit-generating relationship between you and your consumers.

They really appreciate when businesses organize events in which they can somehow contribute to your startup while having fun or benefit off that.

It helps them feel as if they were a part of your company, and that definitely is something that can help you substantially grow your customer base.

#4 Shed light on your product

One of the biggest issues with viral marketing campaigns is that it is often quite difficult to figure out exactly what a business has to offer.

If you come up with a video that appeals to almost everyone, this can easily result in a lack of recognition, as a cleverly crafted video might not necessarily offer a clear explanation of our product or direct viewers to purchase it.

With this in mind, making your product the focal point of your viral marketing efforts should be among your top priorities.

#5 Feel free to accept unusual offers

Sometimes, the most unusual business proposal can help your business reach an unbelievable peak. It’s not that you should accept anything; it’s just that you shouldn’t turn down offers that you don’t get on a daily basis.

Don’t be afraid of entering new areas and exploring new ways of promoting yourself. Staying open-minded could bring a lot of unexpected success.

#6 Reach out to active forum users

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If you aim to target the people who are very likely to share the products or services that your startup offers, you should look no further than the users who post on the forums relevant to your business. This is exactly how a number of serious companies succeeded in building up their brands when they just started – by posting feature requests on the right forums.

Although these kinds of requests usually go unanswered at first, active forum posters are simply desperate for answers. Bearing this in mind, you can then email the posters, letting them know that your startup has created something they are looking for.

As a result, even some major influencers can get involved, promoting your products or services to the right crowd. If creating a massive audience of enthusiastic fans is what you are after (and it should be, naturally), you can do so by alleviating the pains people have expressed online.

#7 Be Generous

Is there a better feeling than going to bed knowing that you’ve helped out people who desperately needed help? There isn’t, but just think about helping yourself while helping others! As a startup owner, you always need to think about your business and you should always be open to new ideas.

If your startup does a bit of work for a charity, it will allow people all around you to realize how good you are and they will immediately feel better about you. Once the world sees you as a hero, get ready to hit the stars!

As it’s already been said, traditional marketing ways are not bad, and there are plenty of businesses that can prove that. Still, that doesn’t mean you should stick only to them.

Some extravagant and creative ways can easily set you off on a road to becoming a huge company. Not every way is appropriate, but you need to take a step back and think of a way how you can bypass the common boundaries in order to get to your customers more efficiently.

Following at least one of the previously mentioned ideas will definitely help you out, as long as you’re thinking it through.

Author bio: Jennifer Hahn Masterson is a senior business strategist, holding an MA degree in business communication. She is always doing her best to help her clients find their place in the ever so competitive business arena. You can check her out on LinkedIn and Twitter.