17 Proven Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs


Freelance writing jobs do pay people good earnings if they provide their sweat and blood to the field. As a beginner, writers face the most difficult task of finding clients, especially the good-paying ones.

Finding your first client might take huge efforts. Being a freelance content writer, I have been through all this and I can say that with surety and experience that finding the first client is no piece of cake, but once you get yourself into the waters this won’t take much of your energy and efforts. It would be totally up to you whether you want to do hard work or smart work?

Here are some of the best methods that I myself have used during my writing career. Delve into these verified methods to get high-paying clients for your remote writing job.

17 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Facebook Groups

You might be thinking, Facebook? How can Facebook be helpful? But believe me, this is something that can provide you with the most understanding and the clients that pay extremely well. You will find tons of opportunities for remote or online writing jobs.

Go to the Facebook search box. Search for freelance writing groups and any related topic. Join as many groups as possible. You will find people posting for their needs for a content writer. Either inbox them or e-mail them, as per their posts say. Besides approaching people, you can also post on these groups to get noticed.

To get an edge over other writers in these groups, you will need to have a good cover letter and an impressive portfolio.

If especially you are a newbie, consider this method to land your first freelance writing job. It will help you out in grabbing clients as well as experience.

2. Instagram

Other than posting your photographs and updating your status, Instagram is a great way to know about other people’s activities. This does not only include your friends and the celebrities. You can also watch over different companies.

As a freelance writer, think of different ways of using Instagram for your benefit.

Search for tags such as, #digital_marketing, #content_writing, etc. You will find hundreds or thousands of posts regarding your tags. DM the page owners to start a pitch. Instagram is kind of a casual platform.

So, pitch in a casual way. It would be better to send a voice note. Talk to them in a casual way and tell them about your services and how can your services help them to generate better revenue.

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3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the topmost job search site. Millions of employers and billions of employees use this platform to get jobs and workers according to their needs. If used appropriately, LinkedIn can help you to find freelance writing jobs at dream rates.

To get noticed among the crowd of people, you need to work on your profile. Build yourself an attractive profile. You can surf the internet to find tips on enhancing your profile.  Use the LinkedIn advanced job search feature to find freelance writing jobs that suit your criteria the best.

Also use other LinkedIn features, e.g., LinkedIn groups, getting connected, posting on your profile, etc. These features help you to help prominent in the eyes of recruiters.

Tip: You can also opt for Ziprecruiter.

4. Twitter

If you are going to use Twitter for your job search, keep that in mind while building your profile. Work on your bio. Put in some extra effort to look professional.

Focus on what you share, what you tweet, whom you follow, and who follows you. All this stuff makes a lot of difference to your image in the eyes of recruiters. Try your best to come out as a professional.

Use Twitter advanced search to search for freelance writing job posts. Follow tweeter accounts or pages that frequently post job offers.

Twitter has the potential to accelerate your job search and writing career.

5. Reddit

By now you would have well digested the fact that social media platforms do help in finding highly paid freelance writing jobs.

Writers often ignore the importance of social media and those who don’t, they ignore the importance of Reddit in particular. If you use it efficiently, you can find ways to add some extra earnings to your mainstream earnings.

An important tip to remain under consideration is subreddits. There are as many subreddits regarding freelance writing as you could imagine. You can find subreddits almost in every niche. Also, try to look professional. Don’t overdo anything, like, posting links.

6. Freelancing Websites

Freelance writing websites have always been the mainstream earning platforms for many writings. You can use any of the several websites available out there. These include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. Work on building a strong profile and powerful gigs.

When working on freelancing websites, client’s feedback and reviews matter a lot. Do not think of an unsatisfied client as a loss of a single client. This might cost you too much. That is why you need to be extra careful about stuff. Consider outsourcing if you can not able to match deadlines but do not bear an unsatisfied client.

Tip: If you are just starting off at a freelancing site, ask your old clients if any one of them is available at the site. Get orders from the website to have a properly reviewed profile.

7. Own A Professional Website

Having your own website helps you to reach out to clients and that too in a very professional way. But just having a simple website won’t help you to grab dream clients. For that purpose, you will need to work on your website.

Post blogs regularly. Post blogs of the highest quality and consider SEO optimization. Work by remembering that you do not only want to attract an audience, you also need to attract potential clients.

The more professional and successful your website becomes, the more clients it will generate. Also, do remember to leave your contact details so that the clients can reach you out in the easiest way possible.

8. Grab Ghostwriting Job Opportunities

Do not ignore ghostwriting opportunities. It may sound like something less paying but believe me, it will help you a lot, not only monetarily but also to learn new stuff.

When you ghostwrite, you are actually writing the outsourced work. This will help you to learn from the person that is actually the writer or author of the piece you are writing.

Instead of making mistakes on your own work and having no guidance over it, it’s better to make mistakes at outsourced work and learn for future opportunities.

This one is especially helpful for beginners and newbie writers.

9. Contact Successful Writers

Find writers who are doing exceptionally well in their fields. You can either find someone you know personally or follow someone on YouTube or social media.

Get to know what methods they used, their experiences both bad ones and good ones, their failures, their success story, everything. This will not only get you to new leads but will also boost up your confidence level.

A successful and passionate person will also love to guide you. If you know someone personally that would be even better. You can have personal guidance from him. He might also refer you to some clients and open new doors for you.

10.  Use Quora

If you are able to earn a decent amount in your remote writing job from any other source, I would suggest you focus on that method to increase your earnings.

Quora is suggested only for those who are standing almost nowhere and need a little confidence to plunge on to something big.

Still, if you are interested in earning through Quora, you should know that there are people earning quite well from it. All you need is to build a system and invest some time with smart work.

You can earn money by asking questions, answering questions, or displaying ads. If you opt for asking questions, go with tagging people. This technique isn’t recognized by many but is definitely a very well-paying one.

11. Find Content Writers From Your Friend Circle & Family

Knowing a content writer personally can help you throughout your career, even to find freelance writing jobs. Scan your friend circle, your family, your colleagues and search out for people who are working either as full-time or as a part-time content writer.

You can get guidelines on various methods. The most important benefit would be if you manage to get a referral. A reliable referral to a high-paying client is nothing less than a blessing.

Having a sincere friend that guides you to a path that he himself has experienced will save you from many blunders that would otherwise cost you something precious.

12. Craigslist

Craigslist has job sections for various fields. As you are searching for freelance writing jobs, explore that section. You will find some of the most amazingly high-paying writing jobs.

Finding jobs over here is almost the same as everywhere else. The same basic steps, i.e., a good cover letter, a strong pitch, information about the client, etc. are required.

But beware of scams. Do proper research about clients before applying anywhere so that you can actually land a legit writing gig.

13. Content Agencies

Content agencies help out companies plan content for their websites or blogs, get this content written, and at last post it. If you can get attached with an agency that will help you to get constant work.

A good content agency will also help you to grow. The managers have vast experience. They can guide you with your shortcomings.

Tip: Do not run after larger agencies. They will pay less and also you won’t get much attention as a writer.

14. Use Freelance Writers Directory

Freelance writers directory is very useful for clients to find a writer on the go. Wonder, how would they find writers if writers do not get themselves registered?

Register yourself at some of the very well-known freelance writer directories to land some new one-time jobs that can also turn into something long-term if you provide quality work. Although it is a bit outdated, still getting yourself enrolled might prove helpful.

15. Job Boards

Jobs boards are not one of the most recommended platforms to find freelance writing jobs. But it is actually a very effective method that every beginner should definitely give a try.

Job boards have numerous job posts being posted every now or then. All you need to do is enter a job board, make a gig and start applying. You can apply to as many job posts as you want only with a single job board. Although you might find a little lower rates, they are totally satisfying for a newbie.

16. Contact Business Owners or Their Managers Directly

This method would be more applicable for professional and experienced writers. If you have been writing for a longer time and you think that you have earned good experience to call yourself an expert, dive into this technique. Also, if you are a newbie you can give it a try. It won’t harm anyone to try once.

Follow business and company pages on social media or look out for their contact information on their websites. E-mail them with a cold pitch.

Tell them about your services and connect them with their profits to get a reply. Direct contacts will save both you and your client from deductions that happen on various platforms.

17. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Presume that try a few methods mentioned above, you manage to get good clients and they do provide you work regularly. Do stick to them. Provide quality work and keep learning. As you get better improve your rates. Writing less for more is always better than writing more for less.

Instead of finding new clients and letting down the old ones, focus on your old clients and provide them good work. Only start your search when you think you have enough time to manage a new client and his work without compromising on the quality of your work.

The above methods are still not a full stop. You can find various other methods to get well-paying freelance writing jobs both as a beginner and as an expert.

Besides the well-tried methods, think of new ways. Be creative and find something that will land you high-paying gigs faster than others.

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Author: Ayesha Gulbaz