10 Part time Business Ideas For Employees


Nowadays, inflation rates are increasing day by day. As an employee, it has become difficult to manage personal or family expenses on a limited budget. To increase monthly income, employees often pay attention to part time business ideas to start a small business. But starting a small business needs time, hard work and full attention, and full-time employees can’t do that. If they quite a job, then there are more chances to face financial risks. So, it is highly discouraged to quite a full-time job.

Well, if you’re a full-time employee and looking for profitable side business ideas 2016 to increase monthly income then do not compromise on your job. There are numbers of 2016 part time business ideas on which you can start work and launch a successful startup business without leaving a full-time job. In this article, you will find ten best part time business ideas for employees that can generate good side income for you. Before you start a business, keep in mind you’ll have to say bye-bye to bed rest. You’ll have to spend more time until your business starts generating cash inflows and also be ready to work on weekends.

10 Part Time Business Ideas for Busy Employees

10 Part time Business Ideas for Employees
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1. Start Tutoring Services

If you’re educated and love teaching, then you can start tutoring service for students. Tutoring service is one of the best low cost business ideas for you. You can teach students in the evening time and quickly increase your monthly income. On the other hand, you can also teach students online using Skype, or other video chatting software. Nowadays, finding students is not a difficult thing.

There are numbers of websites available on the internet that can help you to find students from all over the world. Studyblue.com and tutor.com are one of them.

2. Start Blogging

If you are a passionate writer and love writing, then blogging is the best part time business idea for you. All you need to create a personal blog or website and start blogging on it. You can make good monthly bucks though

  • Advertisements (Google AdSense, Media.net, Info-links, etc.)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Share a sale, Amazon affiliates, etc.)

If you don’t want to take a headache to starting a blog, then don’t worry. There are numbers of make money writing websites that pay for guest blogging.

All you need to contact websites that accept guest posts and start paid writing for them.

3. Start YouTube Channel

In the list of best part time business ideas for employees, starting a YouTube channel is a good business idea to make money online. All you need to sign up on YouTube to create a channel. After that, you need to upload your unique videos on it and apply for YouTube Partner Program or link with Google AdSense to earn money online.

4. Start Freelancing

Nowadays, freelancing is becoming a good business for full-time employees. If you have skills like writing, SEO, graphic designing, web development, or have social media expertise, then you should start a freelance business. There are numbers of freelancing websites available on the internet through which you can generate a good side income.

5. Start Photography

Many people love photography. They always spend most of their time to capture amazing moments of life. Well, if you love photography then believe me it is one of the most successful weekend business ideas for you. People often hire photographers to capture their events’ moments and they pay a good amount for photography services.

On the other hand, if you love tourism then believe me it is also the one of the best profitable business ideas for you. You can visit best places on a weekly basis, capture awesome pictures and sell them to relevant buyers. You can also sell your photos online to stock photography websites like shutterstock.com or clashot.com

6. Invest your Savings

If you’ve some savings in your bank account, then it is an idle amount for you because it is not generating more cash. You can double your money by investment. Yes, it is possible. You can make an investment in many ways like purchasing of companies stocks or putting money in others’ startups as an angel investor.

 7. Start Public Speaking

Naturally, some people are introverts while some are extroverts. Extroverts’ people are more social than other, people. They love to meet and talk with new people. If you love to meet new people and have guts to speak publicly, then you can start public speaking as your part time business in 2016.

Educational Institutes and Companies often invite public speakers to deliver lectures to motivate their students and employees. In return, they pay good amount to public speakers. You can also become a motivational speaker and quickly increase your monthly revenue.

8. Personal Fitness Trainer

Nowadays, starting a personal fitness trainer centre is one of the most profitable small businesses in 2016. If you’re a full-time worker but also a certified fitness trainer, then you can start a personal fitness training program for clients in the evening time. Clients will join you in evening times and at the same time; you’ll be back from a job. In this way, you can successfully start and run your small fitness training business without having any problem.

9. Social Media Services

If you spend most of your free time on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and also have thousands of following on social platforms, then you can easily monetize your massive social media following into cash. Yes, it is possible because it is considered to be the best home businesses. All you need to promote others’ products and services on your profile and make money online.

10. Party Planning

If you’re good in designing and planning, then party planning is a good part time business idea for you. Party planners manage events ranging from wedding ceremonies to corporate seminars and award dinners. They handle and manage numbers of tasks including decoration and designing the venues, arranging and booking entertainment, food arrangements and sending invitations to guests. If you successfully introduce as an expert event planner, then you can easily grow your monthly income.

There are numbers of other part time business ideas available on which you can start work but it all depends on your skills and abilities. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work on starting a small business to double your monthly income.


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