Digital Marketing in Ecommerce – How to Win?


Find out how to boost your eCommerce business with a digital marketing strategy! You will keep going successfully in the constantly changing market when you learn the following £ tricks.

Your openness, adaptability, and new technologies are your leading star. Well, come on to win!

Digital Marketing in eCommerce: 9 Ways To Win

Notebook work with statistics on sofa business
Notebook work with statistics on sofa business

1. Website optimization

That is the first thing that every website owner should think about. Any source has to be visited by readers, increase traffic, and earn. Therefore, the rule refers to the e-commerce business as well.

People are looking for something in search engines – the systems give results: a list of pages where there is an answer to their request. Most users click on sites in the top ten. Therefore, stores need to get there as often as possible for essential queries that potential customers ask.

Each owner of an online store wants to receive stable and high-quality traffic to the site. If it is organic, it is even better. Achieve this with the help of SEO optimization. The latter stands for the set of works on website development following the requirements of search engines. If you are an SEO beginner, you can try it on your own; the list of conditions and guides are publicly available.

You will learn how to complete the About us page, product descriptions, and meta titles. They are the basics. Besides, it is essential to realize and catch potential clients’ intentions. It is why they search on the Internet; are they ready to pay or hardly know what they are looking for?

Paying attention to that, you can optimize the store with proper keywords. Use SEO analytics tools to find them.  For example, the “buy a refrigerator” anchor does not attract hesitating people, while “refrigerator reviews” in the respective section match their needs better. Use advanced options for title tags to add more information about your company to the search page. Get people’s attention and grow!

2. Content marketing

It is a mistake to think that online stores may have no original and creative content. It can suggest something other than products and goods.

Content marketing is about creating and distributing content your customers might be interested in. Apart from obligatory descriptions and titles, these can be blogs, customer testimonials, product videos, infographics, and case studies. Likewise, think of social media promotion that will lead to new clients.

Create a blog section on your website to provide product or business information that empowers shoppers to make purchasing decisions. In addition, blog posts will give potential customers insight into your brand and its offers and help you target your website’s quality search engine optimization (SEO) traffic.

It is essential to create a plan and schedule for future posts. Think of interesting topics and give the task to copywriters. You may also ask for professional essays review. Many companies deal with it to make your posts striking.

Post product reviews, share customer opinions, and tell people how to choose a product or how to use it. You don’t have to be the content creator for your site. Find industry leaders with the right experience and expertise and ask them to write a few articles. So they can advertise themselves and their business, and you will get quality content and free traffic for the site.

3. Social media

It is one of the most effective tools for building or expanding your online presence. Created to connect with customers, SMM has now expanded its horizons to lead generation and sales online, such as in the Instagram and Facebook stores.

Use social media channels to promote your products or services, build online user communities, share content you create (e.g., blogs, videos), engage with and get customer reviews, engage influencers for paid promotions, and more.

Invest in CRM software to effectively manage social media leads. A CRM tool will allow you to drive online leads, store lead information, track interactions, and measure the success of your marketing efforts.

With social media, you can develop your brand. The latter is a public image of a company or specialist, which he broadcasts to the audience and is strongly associated with him in the minds of others.

One more great plus of SMM is cooperation with influencers. Those people having a vast and payable audience can increase the lead numbers and affect your sales rate. The key to success is selecting the right person who shares the same values as your brand. It is about mutual development.

4. Referral programs

The traffic source can be a personal blog, advertising on social and advertising networks, a telegram channel with discounts, or your own website. One of the ways to expand the market and increase sales is an affiliate program. The main advantage of this method is the popularization of your online store. How does it work?

An affiliate program is a form of cooperation between an online store, the advertiser, and a partner. First, the partner must register in the affiliate program of the online store, after which he receives his unique number. Further, the partner acquires links and places it on his website to invite customers. He may include it in his content or offer people directly.

If a potential client clicks on your affiliate link, your profit is the obtained sale, client, and promotion, while your partner gets a commission. On average, not huge, the website can earn up to a thousand dollars per month, so it is a good outcome for them.

Today there are thousands of affiliate programs on the market from different directions. For example, Amazon and Adidas suggest it too.

5. Reviews and content of existing clients

When a visitor comes to an unknown store, his level of trust increases when watching comments left by real customers. It may be feedback about the purchase, customer support, some cases, and issues solved. The more positive reviews you display, the better.

Encourage your loyal clients to take photos or record videos of the goods they have just received. You may launch a flash mob on social media to promote your store.

Suggest some discounts, send offers via email, interact via social media channels, and place helpful content, to make people grateful and return to you. Besides, you can establish some discounts for people who create honest and extended reviews or suggest they use them as a post.

Be straightforward with people. Avoid formulations and hints that could show that positive feedback gets higher preference. Add a drop of negative talk about the product and be honest.

Besides, your brand looks alive; it is much more essential how you deal with negativity. Thus, people will see that if they received the wrong size, they might easily exchange that.

Listen to customer feedback on all social media channels, correct mistakes, and make a positive business reputation. Be open and share the truth!

6. Sales Funnels

Perform the series of actions a seller should do to convert cold traffic into buyers. This process includes an accurate plan of steps your store has to do for clients.

First, it supposes division of all the clients into different groups according to their intents. Then, create specific content for each group depending on the communication channel, interests, suggestions, and goals.

It includes posts on social media, email newsletters, YouTube videos, ads, and so on. You may involve third-party specialists to create catchy and valuable texts that will involve your audiences.

Some funnels may encourage existing clients to think of returning to your store when they need it, even if it is the slightest thing they can find in the local supermarket. In addition, you may suggest they take additional items they initially forgot. For example, someone needs an embroidery scheme. Well, remind them to carry needles and colored threads!

7. Setup, Optimize and Launch Ads

The majority of Internet users come through smartphones. That is the reason to implement adaptability for different devices, whether laptops or tablets. Convenience in usage is your help in that! But go further and suggest to your potential clients an app!

Think, it is faster to use than to open a browser, search on the Internet, log in, and so on. Instead, your user will be there in one or two clicks!

8. Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are the main repeated purchase channel for most online stores and marketplaces. Use it to remind your clients about you with automatically generated collections or what they have added to favorites.

Begin with common email sequences, for example, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and product feedback/upsell emails. The one who started the purchase but was distracted and lost your store will thank you.

Email works in conjunction with other marketing channels. Develop other media: lead users to the site, mobile application, social networks, and instant messengers, and offer them promotional codes or offline coupons.

Thus, it becomes possible to warm up potential customers on their priority sites, increase the number of touches and the deliverability of marketing messages. If a person suddenly misses an email campaign, the company will be able to reach him in the messenger.

The fact is that many people use it and pay attention to emails. Yet, contact good email writing specialists to work on funnels and content. Do not forget to ensure that your letters will not go as Promotion or Spam, but go directly to the Inbox.

We did our best to give you perfect ideas, yet reading one post about it is insufficient to get the desired efficiency. To sum up, we want to encourage you to develop and look for professionals in their fields. Make your business grow!

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