20 Best Small Business ideas in Nigeria in 2022


Looking for profitable small business ideas in Nigeria? Explore the following list, choose your small business and pursue it in 2022 with zero to little investment.

Mostly the people of Nigeria have a lot of money but they do not know how to invest it properly. Therefore they need a lot of guidance before starting their own business firms.

There is no harm to take a start on a small scale; later on you can expand your business and grow it as much as possible. However, you need to be patient in the beginning.

Some of the best small businesses in Nigeria are mentioned below:

20 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria with Low Capital

Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

1. Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning business is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the country. Although lots of people are already running such businesses but the demand is continuously increasing.

In Nigeria, many people do not find enough time to wash their clothes of their own so they always need the services if dry cleaners. Therefore it can be a great business idea that you can pursue while living in Nigeria having a little capital.

2. Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is one of the fastest growing and best small business ideas in Nigeria for the year 2018. It is a great business opportunity because the Nigerian livestock farming industry is emerging continuously.

The industry has not reached the peak point yet therefore it is continuing to grow on a fast pace. Mostly the people who pursue this kind of business are the regional players.

The geographical location of the business owner is very important so that the animals can be provided a suitable atmosphere.

3. Raw Food Stuff Business

The business of raw food stuff in Nigeria is such a business that would surely bring amazing returns on your investment in 2018.

The people of Nigeria love eating homemade foods and they prefer such food over ready-made and fast food items. Rice, garri and beans are some of the popular food items that the people of Nigeria like the most.

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4. Private secondary school business

The educated people who have a better sense of academics prefer to get their children admitted in the private schools for providing them a great academic atmosphere. Therefore the business of private secondary schools is continuously growing in the country.

This is the time for you to make up your career by offering great academic services to the children of the most concerned people. It is an untapped business in Nigeria that you can pursue by making some efforts.

5. Agro-products exportation

God has blessed Nigeria with a number of natural resources, food items, etc. A great percentage of these natural resources is the raw materials that are required to produce the finished goods.

Various countries like China, America, England, India, etc. import these raw materials on daily basis. It is a great idea to become a Nigerian exporter. You simply need to register yourself with the “Nigerian Export Promotion Council”.

After that you need to make a decision about what products you want to export and then run the business accordingly. There are lots of options available including Chili pepper, Kola nuts, Cassava flakes (Garri), mango, Cocoa, Yam flour, Cashew nuts, Groundnut, etc.

6. Graphics Design Business

It is a great home business idea in Nigeria. You should pursue this business if you are good at arts and you are looking for something in which graphics and colors are involved.

You should have a good sense to use different color combinations and the skills to present your design in a perfect way and you can start this business from scratch and afterward expand the business gradually.

7. Transport Business

Nigeria is comparatively a densely populated country and most of the people there want to have a good and comfortable lifestyle. People keep travelling from one place in Nigeria to another for various reasons.

They always prefer to have a comfortable journey; for that mostly they choose the best transportation services. Due to these reasons getting into a transportation business can be an amazing idea.

8. Mining

It is one of the profitable business ideas in Nigeria especially for the coming years. The mineral resources including coal, bitumen, limestone and iron are found in abundance in Nigeria. Along with this the industry of mining is Nigeria is also developing and improving since the year 2013.

At that time the federal government implemented a proper policy for driving forward the Nigerian mining industry. The government declared the importation of the equipment used for mining to be duty free. Since then, the business of mining is booming.

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9. Fabric Business

The business of fabrics is getting very widely spread in the country. There are countless varieties of fabrics found in Nigeria.

Before making an attempt to start this business you should try your best to find someone who is already running such a kind of business.

You can do partnership with them or you can ask them to mentor you so that you may know about the important relevant things required in this business. It can be a lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital.

10. Setting up a security company

In Nigeria, people always demand for outstanding security services due to some reasons. The government is continuously trying to make improvements in the country’s current security situations for both the individuals and the organizations.

However, the business firms and other organizations still find a need to provide additional security to their workers and to themselves as well.

They believe that it is not only the responsibility of the government but they also need to do something of their own for their security. So it can be a great idea to set up a security company in Nigeria.

Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria

Some other marvelous small business ideas in Nigeria for the year 2022 are as follows:

11. Small business of ice cream

12. Business of packaged food

13. Business of tea stalls in Nigeria

14. Business of water bottling in Nigeria

15. Weight loss business

16. AC showroom business

17. Business of computer selling

18. Business of biscuit production

19. Furniture manufacturing and selling business

20. Food business ideas like restaurants

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